The problem for you is that you feel too normal.

You think that nothing extraordinary happens to normal people like you.

You think that you just need to be sensible and reasonable and logical and live in the physical reality and use your common sense.

Except under the surface of all that boring ‘normal’ is a seething bed of longings and desires and wishes.

And they get louder each day.

And you try to drown it all out by eating a little (or a lot) too much, having that absolutely NECESSARY glass of wine (or bottle) at night, being the most active member of your religious organisation or sleeping with that person you KNOW you should avoid or whatever your thing is.

Instead of just facing the fact that you are not ‘normal’.

Not in the least.

And that is AWESOME!

Surrender, my love, surrender.

The longings are not going away.

And you will only regret all this wasted time, trying to be something you are not.

AWAKEN and lets get you on the narrow path to freedom, fulfilment, financial abundance and unconditional love.


You are one of us and I call you out.

Leave normal to other people.

You come be YOU!

STEP 1: The Abundance Library.

Immerse yourself.

Start letting go of those boring beliefs.

Return to your true design.

Much Amazing Love

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