“He did not bring us out this far to take us back again

He brought us out to take us into the promised land

Though there be giants in the land, I will not be afraid

He brought us out to take us into the promised land”

Someone wrote this awesome song

I don’t know who

But I used to sing it a lot at church and on my own (particularly, the dark days)

And to this day, I still love it

It was going over and over in my mind this morning as I considered my life and the life of my clients…

As I considered that there were dark days sometimes…

Those days when you feel like you must have been mistaken about your calling

Those days when you feel like you are abandoned

And it is tempting to look back and tell yourself that life was easier ‘then’

And maybe, you should just give up and stop

The giants just seem soooo huge and they are beating down on you

Surely, no human being can be expected to handle this

Surely, there is some mistake

And maybe, you better go back before you go much further and burn all bridges completely

But at moments like that, you gotta KNOW that you were not brought/led/guided all the way out here for you to be left alone

Yes, your perception may be that the giants are too real

The giants may be debt

Or relationships falling apart as you become soooo unlike the fear-driven soul you used to be

Or even feeling really tired as you work yourself hard trying to bring your vision to life

In some ways, you could almost see how the above are just a part of the journey to your promised land

But what if the giant is something you did wrong?

Something you now wholeheartedly regret but the guilt is killing you alive

And so you begin to tell yourself some story of not deserving anything good and so of course, you need to go wallow in a ‘less than’ life because that is all people like you, should ever have

In some ways, it is harder when the giant is you, isn’t it?

You feel completely justified in beating yourself up and keeping yourself from your own good

Just so you know, that is still a nonsense of a nonsense…

You are being led/guided to your promised land and the only thing that can take you off it, IS YOU!

Regardless of how justified you may think you are for punishing yourself, it would still be pretty silly!

You did not get this far, only to go back to the start

Forgive yourself

Forgive that other person or event

Yes, you may have made mistakes but the biggest mistake would be using a past error to make your WHOLE LIFE a mistake.

So release yourself and keep on moving because honey, sometimes, it is darkest before the storm breaks and the sun shines through

DON’T YOU DARE take yourself off course!!!

Though there be giants in the land, you need not be afraid

The Divine brought you out this far to take you all the way to the promised land…


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Much Amazing Love

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