You were taught that you are simply a puppet in the hands of the Divine.

You took on the lie that you had no power and you just had to surrender and take whatever scraps were thrown your way.

You see people as either lucky or unlucky – Lucky if they are born in the right place, have the right job, can pay their bills and have a bit extra – Unlucky if they were born into the wrong family, with the wrong skin colour, in the wrong country, condemned to struggle and serve/resent the few lucky ones.

You work hard and you have done OK-ish but there is this feeling of powerlessness to change anything.

And yet, deeper than that is this KNOWING that there must be more to life than this.

This KNOWING that you feel a lot more powerful than what I have described.

But there is fear that you would be considered proud if you dared to question the status quo.

That you would lose your standing in the eyes of those around you.

That what you have managed to gather would be taken from you, if you dared to believe in your own power to create the life you truly desire.

But the KNOWING, the DEEP DOWN KNOWING of your greatness, will not go away.

You know there is more.

You also know you have experienced and still continue to experience less.

And so you stand in this limbo land of fear and self-doubt.

You try to appease the Divine and the people around you by pretending to be humble so that he/she/they will not take anything more from you.

But you resent the Divine at the same time – How can love look so much like tyranny? But you dare not question for fear of eternal fire and losing the few things/people you have gathered.

Or you pretend to laugh it all off as superstition while remaining powerless in a life lived beneath your potential.

And still. the throbbing within your deepest heart says there is more.

That you are greater than this.

The ‘more’ demands that you dare to face those questions within because it is only in partnership/oneness with this Divine power within you, that you will finally find the relief and peace and fulfilment and financial abundance and unconditional love and joy and peace and freedom you desire.

It will never be found in subservience.

It will never be found in quiet seething resentment.

It will never be found in trying to keep everyone around you happy.

There is a power within you to create and it demands that you get on your TRUE DESIGN path.

With no assurances other than the deep KNOWING of your greatness.

A trust that everything really does work out FOR YOUR GOOD.

A trust that you are safe, loved and fully supported.

The dissatisfaction will only increase as you stay on the edge, longing to go deeper and explore the power that you sense within you, but scared to let go of life as you have known it to date.

Many become the walking dead as they stay here and refuse to take the plunge.

What will it be for you, my love?

Will you take the plunge and discover all that you can be?

Will you fully self-express and fully realise your power?

If yes, then I invite you to begin in the ABUNDANCE LIBRARY.

Leave behind the pain and limitation of the past.

Rise victorious in your true design life.

Experience prosperity and abundance in all areas of life.

Rediscover your power to create whatever you set your mind to.

Are you ready?

Much Amazing Love

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