You are no mistake – Every part of you is perfect.

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You are no mistake - Every part of you is

I wrote the title of the post first and started to wonder myself if that was true.  Is every part of me perfect? Or are there some mistakes in there that I need to get rid of?

Always, there is a desire within me to hit perfection, to keep stripping away at myself, to be more, to do more and that is okay except when it is a result of me thinking that something about ME right now is a mistake.

And there is no mistake about me or you right now.

There just is what we experience.

All the judgements, all the fights and quarrels in the world come from people being convinced that there is some kind of perfect path that EVERYONE must follow in order to be ‘right’ and individually, we make our own life a living hell because we do not savour the perfectness of who we are.

We keep looking out to some time in the future when everything will be fine and then one day, we wake up and realise that we are getting older and older and still we are not at that nirvana of perfection.  In that moment, you feel despair and feel that you have wasted time and still you make the same mistake.

Still you think that there is something out there more perfect than here.


Right now, take a moment to think of ten things you are grateful for in your current reality.

Spend time coming up with the list.

And be thankful, really truly thankful for who you are, what you have and the things that you do right now.  You created this.

You cannot keep beating yourself up and then expecting that you will somehow get better with the beatings.  It does not happen.  You have to see the awesome person you are right now in order to create more awesome things.  If you do not trust yourself to do good things, then how will you ever do good things?

And ‘good things’ according to what? According to who?

Who sets the standard for being good?

And I know you might say ‘God’ but is that true?  Or are you just following what you have been taught?

You were created perfect by God.

He looked at you and said you were good but you look at you and think you are not enough.  And you think that by seeing yourself as not enough, you will somehow become enough… one day.

And so the despair grows as you realise that nothing is changing the way you want it to.  You may have the accolades but inside you are still the same person who feels like a fraud because you think that there is some perfect out there that you have not yet achieved.

All the power, the greatness is here with you, right now and you get a choice as to whether you accept that or not.

And it will still be perfect.

How do I explain this?

You, yourself are fearfully, wonderfully made – You are perfect.

You experience things that may not be what you want anymore but you stay in place because you have chosen to bind yourself up thinking there are rules and ‘shoulds’ that you must live to.  And so you call your natural urge to move ‘BAD’ because it does not fit what you have decided is ‘right’.

And the longer you stay in a situation you do not like, the more you feel that you are not good enough.  But it is not ‘you’ that is wrong, it is the thought that you must stay in place when you no longer want to, that makes you feel less than perfect.  And sometimes, it takes hitting the bottom to shake you up and make you see that you always had the power to move anyway.

Why wait though?

Remember who you are.

Remember what it was like ot be a child and only do what you wanted to do.  It was a short time, I know and then your parents stepped in and tried to make you ‘responsible’ and you only had moments when you felt free to explore, to be, to do only what you wanted to and it felt awesome.

Go back to that.

That person is still in there waiting for you to wake up and let them out again.

The real you, is absolutely perfect – there is no mistake about you.

Wake up to that.

Stop stifling who you are.

Be free, be you, be perfect.

Please remember.

  1. Your vision is your permission.
  2. You are capable of your calling.
  3. You are much more powerful than you realise.
  4. Yes you can get everything you want.
  5. You are loved. You are enough. You are worthy. You deserve the very best of everything.


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