You are meant to soar high on the waves of peace and plenty

You are one with the Divine

Created in the image and likeness of the Divine

You are royalty

What you decree, MUST come to pass

And yet, you have forgotten.

For too long, you have been carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders

Feeling alone

Feeling abandoned by the Divine

Feeling like you were deceived into believing you could have more

Feeling like you should logically give up every idea of life being different

Yet, a part of you will not completely align with that low-level thinking

A part of you still deeply desires the fulfilment of every vision and dream

A part of you KNOWS that you are meant for more

And so you listen to me.

You read these words.

They stir that part of you up.

They wake you up again.

Come, my love.

Come and be reprogrammed to prosper

The world, with all its drama and nonsense, has taken its toll on you

It has almost convinced you that you have no choice but to just go along with whatever gets thrown at you

But you DO have a choice


Choose to reprogram yourself to prosper

Choose to be the one that changes things for YOU and for generations to come

Choose to be the wayshower

Choose to be the pioneer

Choose to be the leader that refuses to buck under the drama and nonsense of the world.

AWAKEN and come join in now

Stop with the excuses

Stop with the reasons why you should not

You feel the call to reprogram yourself to prosper

So… come now to and join PROGRAMMED TO PROSPER

Do it now.

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