No really… I mean it… You are meant to live out your desires.

They are not there to taunt you.

To make you dissatisfied with life and to disempower you with the thought that they will never be yours.


Will you get on path to create them?

Will you allow yourself to have your desires?

Will you partner with the Divine and allow yourself to be guided intuitively to them?

Or will you keep trying to be reasonable? and sensible? and logical?

Will you buy into the dogma of lack while telling yourself that it is spiritual to learn lessons ALL THE TIME and be in lack in all areas of life because there is more and more healing to do, in order for you to be good enough to maybe just have enough?

Take a moment and really feel into your desires. Feel yourself living that life. Feel yourself at that elevated, happy state of being and please for goodness’ sake, DECIDE that you will allow yourself to have it all.

DECIDE that you will not say die until you create it all.


Now get on with it, will ya?

Come immerse yourself in a new, more elevated way of thinking and expecting in the ABUNDANCE LIBRARY

Come learn to be more demanding of life.

Come learn to be STUBBORN about achieving the things you desire.

NO more time to wimp out and pull back.

Leave behind the sad stories.

Leave behind the limiting beliefs.

Let go the pain as you immerse yourself in the DELIBERATE MILLIONAIRE programs.

It is time to RISE VICTORIOUS, my love.

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Much Amazing Love

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