You are Important – Never Give Up

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Life can be amazingly tough sometimes and never more so than it must have been for Viktor E Frankl, the author of ‘[amazon_link id=”1844132390″ target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Man’s Search for Meaning[/amazon_link]’.  This is a book I am reading at the moment – Call it my book of the week.  I am still making my way through it at the moment but it prompted me to put some thoughts to words as I made my way through it. It is an amazing call to never give up from a guy who has walked through hell and lived to tell the tale.

Never Give Up

A few weeks ago, I put the picture above on my Facebook page and the reaction was quite unexpected.  Lots of you chose to share the picture for which I am grateful and some commented and others liked it.  I realised that a lot of us sometimes feel like we have no reason for being around.  A lot of you may be thinking and searching through the purpose of life and keep coming up with no answers.

Sometimes, the emptiness we feel inside is not cured by following a certain religion or anything else.  We feel stuck wondering why suffering has come our way, why we are the way we are.  We cannot see any purpose to our being here and yet, there is a purpose, there is a reason.

Discovering that purpose and reason in some ways is actually the very reason that we are alive.  I believe that hidden in each one of us is something that we alone have the ability to bring to the world.  Sometimes, in the celebrity culture that we live in, we think it has to be seen by a huge number of people to make us significant, to make our donation worthwhile.

However that is not true.

Our purpose may well be something that only a few people around us see and experience and yet by means of the ‘butterfly effect’, it makes a huge difference to the world, just by us being us in our very true nature.  Stripping away all the falsities and being who we were created to be.

A lot of people wander through life with apathy as their main emotion.  They are just making it through each day because life is too painful to live any other way for them and/or all their dreams have seemingly been crushed in the reality of the hardship of life.  They therefore stay down, hide under excuses and just exist.

We all lose as a result of this.

You are important - Never Give Up

An Excerpt from Viktor E. Frankl’s book – Man’s Search for meaning

[amazon_link id=”1844132390″ target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Viktor E. Frankl’s book – Man’s Search for meaning[/amazon_link]

Have a look at the passage above.  See the difference in both their reasons to avoid suicide.  One was a thing, one was a person.  Who is to say which one is more important than the other. The only important thing was for each of those people to recognize their OWN importance in the cycle of life.

I ask you to realise that.

You are important in the cycle of life.  We are all here for some reason.  If we do not live out that reason, then the world suffers as a result.  You may not know today what that purpose or reason is, but I ask you to live deliberately, do your very best with what is in your hand, with what is right in front of you while working towards your goals and dreams.

You never know whose life you will impact as a result of just living your life well.

Never Give Up.

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