You know you are called to make a difference in a bigger, bolder way but something keeps getting in your way…

You have a message to share but you cannot access the heart of it and so it feels like you are missing the mark whenever you try to communicate…

Through this post, let the Divine invite you deeper into your own heart

Deeper into your own power

You are invited to experience all that you dream of and more

It is time that you fully know that…

You are hiding in plain sight

Broad smiles when you are with people

Hidden hurts when you are alone

Loud voice that resonates with care-free confidence during the day

Silent cries in the dead of the night

When watched, you look bold and brave and as though you need nothing at all

When alone, you feel like there is something wrong with you but you just cannot figure out what – Everything is fine on the surface but inside, something feels out of whack…

You have been hiding in plain sight – I see you, love

You tell the world about all the things you have accomplished

You feel like a fraud about all the things you did not

No one sees the pain within, they just see the show…

You want to be both hidden and visible

And you want to be loved…

But how can you ever feel loved when you know no one can see you, not even your closest loved ones? You are not really showing up.

You are hiding in plain sight

Though you feel the pain of being hidden all the time, you are so used to it…

You do not fully realise that there is another way to live

You tell yourself that this is what it is like to be an adult

You tell yourself that everyone lives this way and I suppose for the majority of people, it is true

They are resigned to mediocrity

But not you!

You are born for greatness

And it can only come when you fully own all that you are

Leader You Must Heal

You are hiding in plain sight

There are things you feel called to share out loud but you think and you overthink before you speak…

You worry that you will say the wrong thing and expose your hidden, dark, YUK places

And so you stick to safe, controllable topics but there is a shallowness to your conversation and you can feel it…

And the ones you want to serve do not draw close because they cannot see, hear or feel you…

You sound like everyone else

You act like everyone else

You hide the parts of you that would speak to their heart

And it is frustrating because it feels like a huge barrier to the growth of your life and business

Leader, you must heal 

Connect to the Divine

And ask for clarity

Whip out that journal and begin to write whatever bubbles up within

That is where you start to do the work of cleaning and clearing

This is where you start to do the work of returning home

Are you willing?

You cannot create a free, fulfilled, financially abundant life until you start living to your TRUE DESIGN

And you cannot live to your true design when you think there is something inherently wrong with you!

So again, are you willing to do the healing work?

Take this as a invitation to commit to the inner work

No, it does not mean all the physical work stops

It just means you give both inner and outer work priority in your life

You are here for a reason with a specific calling to live out

You are here to change many lives and impact the world towards good

You are here to fully experience your power

Do the healing work so you begin to experience the joy of being you and creating success on your own terms

The invitation is out.  Will you say yes?

I help spirit-driven clients to change lives and create wealth in their own online business, while living to their own TRUE DESIGN.  Together, we clear the inner obstacles and take massive physical action to deliberately design free, fulfilled, financially abundant and love-drenched lives.

I help my clients build multiple streams of income into their online empire.  As someone who has built a life/business with over 10 books, over 50 online programs, coaching programs, live events and to top it up, investment properties and a formidable amount of content that can be repurposed forever if I ever decided never to work again (except I love what I do!), I know what it takes to build a sustainable business based on my TRUE DESIGN.  I help clients go faster through the hurdles, the fears, the sidetracks or avoid them all together so they can quickly create a highly profitable online business that allows them freedom and even expands into investments.

Do you want this to be your story?

Then pop on over to and apply for a consultation so that you end this year strong.

Much Amazing Love

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