You made a choice to grow a while ago now.


You have always known there is more to you and so, you decided to keep expanding.




The next choice, my love, is whether you choose to grow joyfully or painfully.


What do I mean?


Let’s consider this example of going through a period of financial turmoil.


Maybe, you are truly at the end of yourself with creditors calling all the time, sending letters, even having people turn up at your home asking for money.


And well, you do not have it yet.


But you know you are doing the inner work and all the physical work you know to do to overcome this season of life.


Your choice is either…


Get anxious, stressed out, overwhelmed, pull back from following inner guidance which is telling you to keep stretching your financial muscles by spending on your business or on some training or whatever.

Feel so guilty and ashamed of yourself for being in this position at this stage in life.  Feel unworthy of anything good and even tell yourself that you deserve this because it is all your fault and you deserve to be punished.

Stay in the horrible job when you know you are being guided to leave.

Talk your situation over and over and over with friends and family who have not made the choice to grow.  They then tell you to stop being silly and stay in the job, do not spend the money, forget your vision and just survive.

Or they worry with you, coming up with all manner of worst case scenarios and manipulate you with guilt to keep doing whatever they want you to do, to keep them feeling safe.

And so with all that pressure, you decide to go slower, pull back a bit but you do not stop because you made that original choice to grow but it is PAINFUL and DRAWN OUT and OH MY GOSH, HOW CAN ANYONE GO THROUGH THIS?!

Of course, you try not to feel too victimised by the Divine but you can’t help but wonder where the freaking heck is the breakthrough.

That is certainly one way to go.


You notice all the fear and panic coming up.  You smile as you realise it is not you and it means nothing about you and where you are headed. You gently and lovingly clean and clear the emotions as they rise up within you while keeping your focus on where you are going.  You do not hide from them or push them down, you accept them and let them go.

You cultivate a quiet assurance that everything is working out for you.

You do not talk to family and friends who are likely to panic.

You lean deeper into the Divine and you choose to trust.  You do whatever you are led to do, even when it seems kinda crazy to your mind.  You recognise that where you are going, you have not gone before so new ways of thinking and being are required.

You just keep stepping with a feeling of joyous anticipation for the adventure that is right now, unfolding all around you.

You just KNOW everything is perfect.  Yes, you do not have the money to pay anyone physically but you know it is temporary so you do what you can do to keep them informed, you love them for having trusted you with the money in the first place and you continually come back to a place of peace with your vision at the top of your mind.

You can almost feel the layers of fear falling off you as you surrender and let them go.

You know this is just a season.

You allow it to run its course as you daily do whatever you feel led to do to bring your vision to life.

2 Choices

Both will lead to growth and the situation will resolve finally

One will get there PAINFULLY and there is a strong likelihood that you will quit and settle for something horrid before you reach a great resolution.  Of course, you will tell yourself that you had no choice.

The other will get you to your glorious vision in peace, love, joy and with a deeper connection to the Divine and your TRUE DESIGN self, more open to prosperity in every area of life.  The situation would have just faded away and one day, you will notice with surprise that it is gone.

I know it seems almost unnatural and impossible to choose the second option and yes, it will take practise as well as probably jumping from ONE to TWO millions of times.

However, it is possible and the easiest, swiftest way to grow.

Are you willing to master yourself?

If so, THE ABUNDANCE LIBRARY is here to support you in choosing OPTION TWO.

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Much Amazing Love

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