Yes, let me tell you now, you are far too comfortable…

Far too comfortable in your ‘settled-for’ life…

That raw energy that is required to change it, is just not there anymore…


Your dreams have become dinner conversation where you talk a good game with passion and fire in your voice but no corresponding fire in your belly to get up and get to work and so honey, each and every day, you feel a little more dead inside.

You have sold yourself for a comfortable life when you could have had a GREAT life…

You have settled for the crumbs off someone else’s table, instead of having the feast!

And you have convinced yourself that you are satisfied…

And yet, you are here reading this, reading the stuff I write, liking my comments, quietly wishing things could be different and for a second, you even think that maybe they can…

And then you slink back into your comfortable life where depression is just a hair-breath away because you KNOW, YOU ABSOLUTELY KNOW you are called to more than this!

You are called to great wealth, not just enough…

You are called to a life where you wake up each day with fire in your belly and excitement about the lives you are going to change…

You are called to a LIFE-CHANGING life but you settle for this small, comfortable life!

What a travesty!



You are called to be a warrior, to fight for the life and the business you dream of and yet, you wimp out and settle for maybe, helping a few people when you could impact nations and you tell yourself that you have done your bit!

You and your family could be living a luxurious life of freedom but no, you settle for comfort because you are scared and you are tired of the fight.

You convince yourself that you are happy with it…

You think it is the ‘right’ way to do things because the ‘norms’ in your life have told you to back down and you listened to them because you lost confidence in the vision within you.

You listened to other small-time thinkers and you made their word be true to you, even when you KNEW that there was more that you were called to…

And even as I write this, I know that the way you have chosen is the simpler path…

It is the path of the many – the broad and easy road, the ‘norm’ path – and this road I am on, is the narrow path and not everyone is cut out to make it happen so you know what? stay over there on your broad path…

Stay there in dissatisfaction and fear and small living because it is only the great, the powerful who walk this narrow path.

You have taken the easier route and I don’t blame you but I do pity you!

Because I see the power that is hiding within you, if you will find the courage to tap into it.

But as I say, this narrow path that I am on is not for the ‘norms’ and at the moment, the ‘norm’ life is the one you have chosen.

But is it all you want?

Is it?

You, the husband, who dreams of a BIG life but puts it on hold to appease your wife…

You have become a lackey to her whims because she is afraid of you upsetting the apple cart and you think that it is the right thing to do to stay put in a life that stifles you…  You have become passive because she needed to control you in order for her to feel safe and you have let it happen because you needed her to love you and you needed to keep the peace…

Rise up and do the work you are called to – Be A LEADER!

You, the wife, who accepts hand-outs from your husband because you are too scared to jump into the fray and get your own hands dirty even though you long to…  You use the children as your excuse – It is the ‘right’ thing to do, isn’t it?

No, honey, it is the fearful thing to do and you set them a BAD example! Your life does not have to be ‘either mum or business woman’, it can be ‘AND’

Rise up and do the work you feel called to – BE A LEADER!

You, the child of parents who keep manipulating you to get their own way…

They tell you to put your own life on hold to look after them… And again, you think it is the ‘right’ thing to do, to lay down and fulfil their whims… You think to tell them to go away but you feel too guilty to be that honest with them and so you keep going, you keep putting your own ideas on hold, you keep thinking you will wait until… what?  They die?!  will you then be released to live your life?

Rise up and do the work you are called to do – Be A LEADER!

No one can be your excuse for this small life you choose each day.

Do you want a fulfilling life?  Do you want a WEALTHY and FREE life?

Do you want to be the leader that others want to follow?

Do you want to live out your purpose?

Then nothing…

NOTHING, NO ONE can be allowed to determine what you will or won’t do.

Step off the broad path and get to work.

YOU have it in you…


The ‘comfortable’ life is for ‘norms’ and you, honey, are not a ‘norm’!


Please remember.

  1. Your vision is your permission.
  2. You are capable of your calling.
  3. You are much more powerful than you realise.
  4. Yes you can get everything you want.
  5. You are loved. You are enough. You are worthy. You deserve the very best of everything.


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