Understand this, if you do want to win in life, some people are not going to like you.

Some of your loved ones are not going to like you.

Some of the random people on the internet are not going to like you.

Some of the people you are trying to help, will not like you.

Some people will simply not like you and it does not matter.

I know you know this but do you really KNOW this?

Do you really understand that to be focused on your vision and goals, means that you cannot be focused on everyone’s drama and nonsense?

Do you really understand that you cannot continue to be at everyone’s beck and call, if you are truly committed to living your true design life?

Do you really understand that even when you make mistakes and treat people badly, you cannot forever wallow in guilt and shame and continually keep trying to appease them when they are refusing to forgive you?

Am I saying that you should go out of your way to be nasty to anyone?


But I am saying that you have a certain amount of time and energy and if you use it all up trying to appease this or that person, trying to make people understand you, trying to get them to like you, trying to ensure everyone is happy, trying to be available all the time to everyone, trying not to look like you want the win too much, then honey, you will NOT GET THE WIN!

Faith demands your focus.

A quiet deep concentrated commitment to doing what it takes until it takes.

And this is not just about physical action.

It is an internal shift.

A deep determination to put your vision first.

To make yourself a priority in your own life.

Even Jesus did this.

No one was allowed to get in the way of his mission.

And every single spiritual guru out there, had the same determined ( in some ways, callous) focus.

They would not be stopped.


I mean, Lazarus was dying and Jesus did not go off to heal him until after his death because it was not part of his mission at that point.

Yes, he then proceeded to bring him back to life but imagine what people would have been thinking for the days before he went to see Lazarus (if you know the story.  If you don’t, go google it)

What if he was all caught up in trying to look good to the people, like most spiritual people are?  He would have taken himself off mission to go and hang out with Lazarus and be the ‘good’, ‘kind’ friend, taking care of Lazarus in his time of need.  Oh, what a lovely story that NO ONE WOULD HAVE EVER REMEMBERED.

But no, regardless of what anyone thought, he did not go do what was expected so he could get a nice pat on the back.  He stayed on his mission and Lazarus died!

Too many spiritual people shy away from this type of commitment and so, they never get to see the big manifestations.

They are too busy trying to be the nicest person in the room.

They are trying too hard to earn the love and approval of EVERYBODY, hoping that it will pave their way to heaven.

But all it does is keep them out of the kingdom because they never made the kingdom their true focus.

Their focus was on appeasing and pleasing everyone.

Winning the popularity contests that get them nothing but human accolades for a season and then they have to jump through more hoops to keep them.

This is not easy for many to hear.

They don’t want to think of themselves as driven, aggressive, relentless, demanding, stubborn, proud.

They have been trained into believing that all these things are bad and to be avoided by nice spiritual people.

Well, look at what following that unconscious rule has gotten you.

Do you even feel all that close to the Divine, while you are denying who you are, at your core?

When you truly understand that EVERYONE IS POWERFUL in their own right, you will see that they do not need you as much as you think they do and you do not need to keep taking yourself off your own path to help them all the time.


It is time to make yourself a priority in your own life, FOR REAL!

No, it does not make you evil to finally stand up for yourself.

It just makes you a powerful creator who KNOWS what he/she wants and is freaking determined to make it so.

Again, I ask you the question – WHAT DO YOU WANT?

To be liked by all while disliking yourself but hiding from it and putting up with a dissatisfying life?


To actually live a fulfilling, free, financially-abundant, love-drenched life, as defined by you?

You will get whatever you focus on.

The crazy amazing thing is that you can have the empowering, loving relationships you crave when you put your vision first but the problem for most people is that they think that the path to what they want is by manipulating other people with niceness and kindness to get it.

I wonder if you really truly understand what I am saying.

That popularity contest you keep trying to win…

That you would probably never admit you were trying to win…

It is not about serving anyone, my love.

You may think that it is because you are nice, good person that you have to help this and that and the other person all the time…

But no, it is because you desperately want them to like you.

You desperately need to be needed

And you are trying to win the Divine’s approval so that you will hopefully get the rewards of being a nice person.

Honey, you are being manipulative while telling yourself that you are being loving.

It is fear based, not love-based.

You are scared of being alone, unsafe and unsupported.


You kinda think that the path to everything you want is by being the BEST-EST person on the block and getting everyone to approve and love you.

But it is not.

Have you not noticed that so-called ‘evil’ people prosper while all the lovely, nice, kind spiritual people struggle?

I may exaggerate a little but I need you to really see this.

Again, I am not proposing that you become a hard-nosed, horrid idiot but I am DEFINITELY proposing that you make yourself a true priority in your own life and that you focus on bringing your vision to life.


Stop it NOW!


Create The Free, Fulfilled, Financially-Abundant, Love-Drenched Life You Want

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Much Amazing Love


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