For most of my life, I have felt like an outsider…

I was a little bit too white (and still am) to understand and live to the ‘rules’ of my Black African family…

And I am obviously too black to be considered white…

I have always wanted more than the regular person and I have always believed that the ‘seemingly impossible’ is possible!

I have been accused of wanting too much, trying too hard and being too intense…

And for long periods of time, I believed this…

I tried hard to fit in, to believe what ‘they’ told me to believe…

To do what ‘they’ said had to be done…

And so I shut myself down for ages, became passive and tried to go along with the flow.

No questions asked, “everyone believes it and so it must be true…”

“I must be wrong” – I would tell myself and try hard to conform, to fit, to be like everyone else and to be satisfied with it.

And it almost worked…


Until it just did not work anymore…

Until I realised I had one life and I had better wake up and be all I can be and discover all there was to be discovered and live it to the fullest of my capabilities…

Until I realised I did not need anyone’s permission to be exactly the person I am created to be…

Untill I realised that there are others just like me, trying so hard to fit in and be what everyone wants them to be and who, as a result, are living half-lives when we are absolutely created to be great!

And so, honey, if you are still here, maybe you too feel like you are different and you too are done with all the pretence about being happy with the status quo…

Maybe, you are ready to face your fears and instead of continue to live a unsatisfying life, you are ready to step up and claim all that you know you are capable of.

You are a leader and deep inside, you know it and yet, you keep hiding, you keep pretending to be a ‘norm’ because you do not yet realise that you are the way you are for a reason and you are wasting time trying to conform to other people’s ideas for you!

You feel like a warrior inside but you shelve it…

You put it to one side as you try to be accepted by people who do not understand the fire, the passion inside of you!

And then you feel depressed, you feel down and out because honey, YOU HAVE DONE THIS TO YOURSELF!

Of course, you feel dead inside!

You are killing yourself trying to be what other people want you to be!

And so what, that you have an incredible message inside of you that needs to be unleashed on the world…

You keep hiding it, trying to push it down, trying to have a professional exterior that will be accepted by people you are not even called to serve!

I mean, seriously?!

YOUR PEOPLE, your true community of people are walking past you every single day because you have so stupidly decided to try and look like a ‘norm’!

And I get it!

I did it!

I still, on occasion, DO IT!

I still find myself going back into respectability!

I still find myself doubting myself and wondering if I really am deluded!

Are the dreams in my heart actually possible?  Or am I just setting myself up for a great, big, public fall?

These thoughts STILL afflict me and yet, I am done with trying to fit in!

I am done with pushing me down and trying to fit me into a box.

I choose to be FREE!

I choose to be rich!

I choose to live a life of adventure and travel, to build a business that impacts the world and wakes people like you and I, UP to the full potential within them.


Because we are here to change lives…

We are called to impact the world, to make a difference, to be the leaders and the policy makers…

And we can no longer just sit at home moaning and groaning about government and politicians and all that nonsense when we are not willing to step up and be all we are created to be!

That is just weak and honey, you and I, ARE NOT WEAK!

We are warriors!

We have a mission!

And all those big ideas and dreams that set you apart from the people around you, are inside of you for a reason!


Those big ideas are there because you are exactly the person designed to live them out but you have to be brave!

You have to be brave enough to actually claim this life that beckons to you!

God is not going to force you!

No one is going to force you!

You always get a choice!

To settle for a life where you are at the beck and call of everyone else’s agenda for you because honey, they can see how capable you are, even if you doubt yourself and so they will use you for their ends and you can allow that to happen to you, if you will!  It may not even be all that bad because you can still play a smaller game under someone else’s umbrella, if you want!  And you will still change some lives…

Or you can choose to believe that the dreams, the goals, the desires in your heart are there for a reason and that reason is that you step up and live them out.  You can choose to be THE leader you are created to be!  You can choose to step away from the shade of someone else’s mission and live out YOURS!

Your life can be a message of hope for the people around you!

You can wake up right now and start to claim the life you have always wanted!

I wish I could tell you that it will be easy!

But I can’t!

What I can tell you is that you can learn to love the hard…

You can learn to thrive on the challenge…

You will be so exhilarated when you realise just how awesome you are and just how capable you can be, once you get over the limits you have learnt to live with…

You will be proud of you!

You will be surprised by you!

You will wonder why you settled for so little when the whole world was available to you…

And not everyone will understand you or even support you as you wake up but your true community will and you will start to see old friends fall away as they are replaced by people more on the same path as you…

People who encourage you and lift you up…

People who want to be led by you!

People who need what you have!

So, champion, what will it be?

The settled-for life or the real life?

The world changing life or the ‘just getting by’ life?

The real, life changing, million making, difference imparting, business and entrepreneurial venture…

Or the boring but more obviously practical job/business that everyone says, will make you money while simultaneously draining the life out of you…

I suppose you can try and do your real work in your spare time, right?

You can change lives as a hobby, right?

After you have expended all your energy and time each day building a life that you are bored by, you can maybe find a few minutes here and there to do what yo are actually called to do…

I suppose that can be your life…

And if that is the case, leave now…

You are not the warrior I am called to.

However, if you are ready to step properly into the fray, to face down your self-doubt and to finally give yourself permission to live your true life, then honey, we have to talk…

I am growing a community of entrepreneur-leaders, male and female, people with a mission and a calling, people with big ideas, people who know that they are change-makers…

It is time!

Another year is over and you can no longer hide!

Time is the only thing that we cannot replace so STEP UP now!

It is time we had a conversation to see if you are a good fit for this community…

You have been surrounded by ‘norms’ for too long and you have to deliberately choose to be surrounded by people like you, leaders who can support you in staying on path…

It is not that you are not capable!

Perish the thought!

You are more capable, powerful and strong than most!

Please remember.

  1. Your vision is your permission.
  2. You are capable of your calling.
  3. You are much more powerful than you realise.
  4. Yes you can get everything you want.
  5. You are loved. You are enough. You are worthy. You deserve the very best of everything.


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