You think you want a break

But actually, you are bored

Bored to death and you think you are tired.

You are that person who needs to be on the go, doing what you are called and born to do

But you are so busy with all the wrong stuff.

So busy being all things to all people, EXCEPT YOURSELF

And so, yes, you feel lost

And bored

And tired

And like you just want to check out for a little bit

Such a waste of your talents

Such a waste of your potential

So busy, doing absolutely nothing

Are you not done with that yet?

When will you consider yourself important enough to pay attention to?

When will you start doing more of what you want to do?

You can keep blaming all the people in your life, if you want, but it comes down to you refusing to look within and figure your own self out.

YOU. ARE. BORED. with this life you have created

And yes, it is you that created it

It did not just happen to you

You ALLOWED it to happen

So, how long?

How long before you take the time to delve deep within your soul and surrender to your true calling?

You cannot take a break from your own mind, my love

You cannot take a break from your own spirit!

It will keep reminding you that something is wrong

And you will keep feeling this yukky feeling that you cannot seem to shake.

Surrender to your true design or condemn yourself forever to feeling out of place and wrong in yoru own life

WAKE THE HECK UP, will ya?

You are soooo capable of so much and yet, you keep playing this game with your own time


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Much Amazing Love

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