Let me be clear with you – People will not get you.  They will not like it when you start to step up your game.  For goodness sake, the comfortable part of you is not going to like it.  You want to be liked and loved by the world but you want to do it in a bland way.

You forget that you are on a mission!

You forget that this business is something you do because you must do it, because every fibre in your inner being knows that you are called to more than you are currently living and there is no room for fitting in, for being the same old, same old boring person that everyone else is.

It is time for you to strip off your layers of doubt and fear and step into the person that you really are.

Stop dithering and looking for someone to affirm you.  Own who you are!

Just own what you want to do!

Just get on and do it!

You might be reading this thinking that your thing, the thing you dream of doing is not actually a useful thing and so therefore, you cannot take yourself too seriously.  You may think that you must keep doing the not so serious work that you keep doing becaue in the eyes of your peers and family, this is what is expected of you.

You may keep listening to your weird religious beliefs that tell you it is okay and in fact, to be preferred if you stay down, you dampen all that God himself created you to be and sacrifice your personality because you think that this is the only way to do things.

And you can do that if you so wish but I get a feeling that it will be an uphil struggle for you and where are you going anyway?  NOWHERE!

Or you could own who you really are and allow yourself to explore it.

Allow yourself to experience the freedom the universe/God gives you and be all you are created to be.

Those dreams are not there to taunt you!

They are there so that you fulfil them.

Will you allow yourself to do that?

You dream of changing lives with your thing.  Will you just let yourself do exactly that?

1. Stop allowing distraction in.

Everything that does not move you forward to your pre-determined result is a distraction.  You may think that all that learning you are doing is helpful but if you are not implementing anything then it is a distraction.  You may think that all that reading you do of this blog or that blog is useful but again, if you are not implementing more than you are consuming then it is useless.

2. They will not understand you

Just stop trying to make them – that is a distraction.  You keep trying to make yourself small enough to be liked by the world and guess what?  All you end up with is a small version of you so why bother?  BE you boldly, Own the person you are and get to work creating your life changing business.

3. Everyday, you write

I talk to a lot of people who have big ideas about why they do what they do.  From cake bakers to dress makers to information sellers to property people to psychologists and they all have a mission beyond just the business of making money.  It is something deeper that drives them but I notice that they are not daily telling people what they are about.  They are not daily calling their people out and so there is no wonder that nothing is working yet.

Do you have a deep message for people?  Yes?  Then tell them about it.  I say write but you can speak as well.  Everyday, find a way to communicate what you stand for and call your people into your life.  Don’t expect them to find you when you are trying so hard to fit in and to be bland.  You must wake up and boldly be all that you are so that you can cause your people to come find you.

4. Figure out your own stuff

There is too much mud.  What do I mean?  It feels murky inside of you, doesn’t it?  You are not always clear about why you do what you do.  And you are not taking the time to get clear.  And so that gets in the way of you making things happen.  There is unforgiveness, there is a lack of clarity about your purpose – you know you have one but you have not taken the time to get really clear about it.  And so, you come across in your communications like every other perosn selling what you are selling.  You need to take time to figure your stuff out.

What is holding you back?  What is getting in the way of you doing, being, having all you say you want?  What weird beliefs are you giving room in your head?

Whip out your journal and start to write, write, write about what you want to create and why.  Write about who you want to be, what you want to do, all that you want to have in this lifetime and work out all the reasons why you think it is impossible for you.  Work that stuff out or else it will permanently get in the way of you creating your best life.  Come on now, we have limited time on this planet, let’s use it for the most good.

5. Keep Moving Forward

Yes, there will be some disappointments at times, you will feel let down by people and by yourself.

You will face lots of doubts but the work you do to get clear will help with that and also yo must choose to keep putting one foot in front of the other over and over and over again reagradless of what your fickle brain tries to tell you.  Ther eis a constancy to the deeper parts of you adn you must tap into that more than your surface mind which wants so easily to give up.

The world needs you to wake up.

I truly believe that.  I do not inspire you to build a great huge business because of just the money – I do it because you are here to change lives.  Deep inside, you know that you must.  You know that there is a mission deep down within you that must be fulfilled and guess what, YOU HAVE TO DO IT!  it will not happen by itself.  There may be a long road of feeling alone, feeling out of place as you discover who you really are but you must do it.

And as you consistently do the work to get the results, you will come into your fullness and you will do what you are created to do – You will change lives.

Please remember.

  1. Your vision is your permission.
  2. You are capable of your calling.
  3. You are much more powerful than you realise.
  4. Yes you can get everything you want.
  5. You are loved. You are enough. You are worthy. You deserve the very best of everything.


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