You are loved

Completely and utterly

It matters not what you have done

It matters not what you have NOT done

You are loved

It is a love without condition

It is a love that is never withdrawn

Yes, you may choose to close off from it

It is so unlike anything you have ever experienced, you will feel like you have to give it limits and rules

Because nothing can be that loving

No one can truly love you, if they knew, right?!

And yet, this love gives you free will

Allows you to close off from it, if you choose

Close yourself in a dark room, if you want

But the moment you open the door, it is there

Waiting for you to allow yourself to experience it

If you could really get how loved you are

You would know that there is nothing at all to fear

But you have feared a lot of things in your life

A lot of things that looked like love at the start

And then degenerated into something quite UNLIKE love

And so you learnt to fear ‘love’

And to hold yourself apart from love

And to be suspicious of anything that seemed not to want anything from you

You look for the catch

you wonder when the other shoe will drop

Because no love can be that unconditional

And yet, this love is

And you are surrounded by it each and every day

Each and every moment

It is as available as the air you breathe

Never running out

No hoops to jump through

You do not even have to recognise it

If you do choose to open up to it however, you may find that life becomes easier

As you let the fear go and allow the vacuum left behind, to be filled with love

Suddenly the things you have been praying and longing for, will come so much easier than ever before

You will wonder why you held back from this love

You will wonder why you made life so hard

Because this love is so completely for you

It desires for you all that you desire for yourself and much more

Simply open up

To begin with, you may feel ashamed that you have come because you desire certain things

You will feel mercenary and try to put a cover on yourself

But you will soon realise that this love does not care

this love wants to give you these things

Well, actually, it is deeper than that

This love wants you to allow yourself to have these things

It is not a case of being given

It is about allowing

These things you desire, have always been yours

They have been yours for the taking

But you could not see

You thought it had to be hard

You took yourself off your true path

And struggled, suffered and made it rough

When all you had to do was allow yourself to be loved…

Will you allow yourself to receive

And also to be loved?

Go on, start to whisper to yourself right now

“I am loved

I am loved

I am loved”

How would it feel to be loved utterly completely?

Feel those feelings now

Yes, you will feel kinda crazy to begin

But just decide that no longer do you want to do this life alone when you are literally surrounded by love

You choose to be open to it now

Keep at it

“I am loved

I am loved

I am loved”

Clear any ideas that try to tell you otherwise

“I am loved

I am loved

I am loved”

Allow the feelings to infect your every moment of every day

And start to see how easily things begin to come to you

It will seem like a coincidence

And then you will start to realise that these coincidences are happening more frequently

Keep at it

There will be setbacks

The old version of you will want you to stay put in your old life


It was not that great anyway

“I am loved

I am loved

I am loved”

Allow love to surround and fill you

Be love on the planet

Imagine the difference you can make when you KNOW without a shadow of a doubt that you are safe, loved, fully supported…

I see it now

And I cannot wait.

Just keep it up

“I am loved

I am loved

I am loved”

Maybe even add

“I love you

I love you

I love you”

Speak it to the Universe, the Divine, God

And allow the love to flow through you…


And before you go, can I ask you a question…

Are you willing to love yourself enough to find and begin fulfilling your life’s purpose?

There is a life you are called to live

? A life that you wake up excited to be part of.

? A life of luxury and ease.

? A life where you always know what to do to achieve awesome results.

? A life of freedom where you get to travel more and see more of the world, if you choose.

? A life where you know you are unconditionally loved.

? A life where you can be generous, with no fear, to your children, parents, friends and more.

? A life where you get to do what you want when you want.

? A life where you are happy all the time – Yes, there may be challenges but you can be filled with a quiet sense of confidence that you can handle it and everything is ALWAYS working out for your good.

There is that life

And you can create it when you choose to live according to your true design…

Are you willing?


Find out more at

I am so excited to do this work with you


Rosemary Nonny Knight

The Prosperity Minister

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