Spiritual people go on a quest to find their calling, to find their purpose but it is right there, right in front of their eyes.


That is the question to answer – The most important question.

What would bring you the highest joy?

What would make your heart sing?

Pay attention to yourself

That is all that is required

But instead, you go searching elsewhere for meaning and purpose

You keep waiting to be told by someone you consider to be more wise than yourself, who you should be

It feels too easy to believe that you can just do what you want to do and create whatever life you want to create

And so you do not believe it

You keep searching

And in the process, you take yourself further and further away from your true home

You feel emptier and emptier as you go further and further AND FURTHER away from who you really are

You feel sadder and sadder as you go further away in your quest to find what is always there within yourself

You buy into theology & dogma and spiritual rituals that seem to give meaning to your pain and suffering

You make your pain seem sacred and holy

You tell yourself that this is just how the journey must feel

You pride yourself on your ability to keep searching despite the pain and suffering

Your spirituality becomes a measure of how much pain you can withstand

Every so often, you catch glimpses of how simple life could be, how joyous life could be, how peaceful life could be

But you are convinced that life must be struggle, pain and suffering and forever trying to jump through hoops for the Divine in order to be considered worthy

So you turn away from simplicity and give into complication

Feeling emptier and emptier, sadder and sadder

All the while, the voice within whispers you of what life could be, if you would just surrender.

LISTEN, my love, Be still and listen.

You are the authority in your life

Will you continue to choose suffering and pain and struggle?

Or will you come back home to peace, purpose, joy and a 6 figure income?

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Much Amazing Love

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