One main reason you do not move forward in life, is your need to be right.

You want to be right about how ‘they’ hurt you.

You want to be right about how wrong they are.

You want to be right about how much pain you are in.

You want to be right about the fact that nothing ever works for you.

You want to be right about your opinions about the Divine.

You want to be right about how ‘nice’ you are.

You want to be right about everything JUST THE EXACT WAY IT IS in your life.

And so you hold on to it all – the sadness, the stress, overwhelm and everything. (It is not all bad, I know but it is not as great as you would like)

You wait for apology from certain people.

You wait for them to SEE just how wrong they are.

You ruminate and go over and overthink every encounter with all these ‘WRONG’ people.

You talk it over with anyone who will listen, except those people are diminishing each day.

You wait for the next life to hopefully prove your rightness about what is required for an eternity in heaven.

And all the while, you abandon your own beautiful self.

In trying to prove how ‘RIGHT’ you are, you put yourself in a holding pattern where nothing can ever change.

You don’t seem to realise that you are completely driven by fear.

You are so scared to be wrong because that could mean you would have to start again from scratch and you are not sure you can.

You don’t quite know how you got here and so you are scared that you might lose even this little bit and so you hold on to your ‘RIGHTNESS’.

You are so scared to make any mistakes or to be seen to have made any mistakes.

And so, you do not get to know yourself.

You do not get to love yourself.

You do not realise that this whole life journey is one of expansion and leaving behind old ideas so that you can become more fully YOURSELF.

You stay stagnant, holding on desperately to your ‘RIGHTNESS’

AWAKEN, my love.

Be willing to be wrong.

Be willing to be vulnerable.

Be willing to SEE YOURSELF

Be willing to be seen as imperfect and flawed and loveable and awesome.

Be willing to truly, deeply accept and love yourself.

Be willing to lean into the Divine because you are not all-powerful and you do not have it all together.

In what you perceive to be weakness, is your strength.

You are human.

You get it wrong sometimes.

It is still okay.


Change your focus from trying to prove yourself right and everyone else wrong to just simply BEING ALL OF YOU, living out ALL OF YOUR VISION, exploring the wonderful DEPTHS of you.

YOU are the answer the world needs.

The real YOU.

Just YOU!

Flaws and all.

You are enough.

You have always been enough.

You will always be enough.

Can you allow yourself to be enough for you?


Please remember.
1. Your vision is your permission.
2. You are capable of your calling.
3. You are much more powerful than you realise.
4. Yes you can get everything you want.
5. You are loved. You are enough. You are worthy. You deserve the very best of everything.
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Much Amazing Love

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