You want something you have not experienced before and yet, you hold on so desperately to the normal life and the normal way of doing things.

WAKE UP!  how can that ever work?

You MUST deepen your faith/trust

You MUST lean in even deeper to the Divine

You MUST hold the tension as your life makes its shift from this restricted known existence into the prosperous unknown

And keep taking the next step, DESPITE the inner tension you feel

You must let go of anything that anchors you in the KNOWN, if you are to experience the UNKNOWN

And yes, it will be scary

It will feel like free-falling

You will wonder if you will be caught

And yet, somewhere within you is a deep confidence that…


Yes, I am called to this work

Yes, I demand that I be richly compensated while doing it

No, I will not settle for less

There is abundance available for me to step into so I choose to live a free, fulfilled, financially-abundant, love-drenched life

I choose to wake up happy and on my true design path

I choose my WHOLE vision

And it MUST manifest

I will play my part

I do not wait to ‘feel’ good about it before I trust

I trust and I take my next step in the direction of my big vision

I am called to impact millions and I CHOOSE to make millions while doing it

I am the forerunner for wealth in my family

I am the creator of generational wealth

And I do it all while living a very fulfilled, purpose-aligned life.

This is my choice and I will not back down.

Thank you, Divine, for backing me up

Thank you, Divine, for loving and guiding me

Thank you, Divine, for supporting and protecting me.

You and I are the source of my everything


And I now choose to ride the highs of peace and plenty with You, Dear Divine!

Let’s create my most magnificent life!  WOOHOOO!”

Did you affirm that with me? Great!

Now go forth and prosper in your true design!

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