You could soar

But you are anchored down.

Anchored down on the ground by the very power that could be used to soar.

You have forgotten who you are

I want to help you remember

But because you are anchored down, you struggle to hear what i am really saying to you.

You worry that you will be hurt if you lose this anchor to the ground.

Even though you want to leave the ground

You FEAR to leave the ground

Your fear manifests as hurtful events that prove again and again that you should just stay anchored to the ground

A part of you wants to break free but years of programming to think in an anchored, limited way override the cry within you for freedom

And yet, that quiet part of you will not be silenced.

That quiet part of you remembers your true design is to soar, is to overcome the cares and woes of life.

And it is that quiet part of you that I speak to.


Come now and reprogram yourself to prosper

You have been programmed to stay anchored to the ground in the cares, noise, drama and nonsense of life

When your true design is to fly, to soar, to succeed, to experience the joys of life

AWAKEN, my love

START WITH The Deliberate Millionaire’s CONFIDENCE Book at and let me show you how to dissolve the anchors that tie you to the ground.

You deserve to thrive

You deserve to prosper

Allow yourself to.

Come dissolve the heavy weights that keep you stuck.


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