Celebrate yourself.

Celebrate the truth that is you.

No longer compare yourself to anyone else.

No longer wish you could be anyone but you.

For you are an unrepeatable miracle.

There is no mistake about you.

There is no mistake about the strengths and wisdom and uniqueness you bring to the world.

Affirm yourself, my love.

Be your own greatest champion.

Uncover your own gifts.

Value them.

Do not belittle or judge yourself.

Allow yourself to enjoy all of you.

You really are an unrepeatable miracle.

Dependent on how you were brought up, it may feel conceited to consider yourself this way and yet, love seeks an inlet to the deepest parts of you.

Love seeks to restore you to yourself as you SEE yourself for who you truly are again.

For you are created in the image and likeness of the Divine.

You are crafted with care and attention.

Every hair on your head is known and loved.

Every cell, every fibre of your being is loved on and applauded.

Though you have experienced pain in your life on this planet, even that was noticed and love waited on you to reach out and allow it to soothe you.

BUt you learnt to hide your pain within.

You learnt to put on a facade and pretend that you are unaffected.

You put on a mask of fear to match the masks you saw all around you and it became your normal.

And you became convinced that you are alone and unprotected in the world.

You learnt to be tough as nails to just survive.

OR you looked to others to be all things to you and they, in their own confusion, let you down repeatedly, proving to you (you thought) that you had no value.

Dreams and visions got put on the shelf.

It took so much energy to just get through everyday life. You just did not feel you could find the energy to also pursue dreams and visions that seemed so impossible and out of reach for little old you.

You slapped on a ‘power smile’ and did what you had to do to manage the inner turmoil without anyone noticing while appearing to be powerful person on the outside.

But the longings have not completely gone away.

They eat at you.

YOU long for expression for deep within, you KNOW that you are an unrepeatable miracle and that you are not here by mistake.

BUt it will take courage to unwrap the tightly held-together protections you have taken on board.

Courage to believe that love awaits the uncovering of you.

It feels like there is no evidence at all that you are truly loved.

BUt this half-life you have been living where there is just not that much joy and happiness or even inner peace, is no longer acceptable to you, is it?

This half-life where you are just going through the motions of living life but feeling more and more dead inside, is no longer ok, is it?

So, will you find the courage to uncover the unrepeatable miracle that you are.

Will you lean into the Divine (LOVE) rather than look to anyone else to be all things to you?

Will you stop judging yourself as full of flaws and instead, lovingly coax out the truest essence of yourself?

Cheesy though it may seem, you are an unrepeatable miracle and the world awaits your awakening.

There really is no mistake about you being here at this time in history.

There is no mistake about the deepest desires of your heart that seek expression.

You have NO IDEA the positive impact you will have on the current planet and the generations to come, simply because you TRULY LIVED.

AWAKEN, my love.

Rise above the daily drama and nonsense.

Allow the Divine to show you THE WHOLE PICTURE of what could be, when you pick up your true design life.

Feel a sense of the free, fulfilled, financially abundant and love-drenched life you could create when you fully own the fact that you are unrepeatable miracle.

There is so much more to you, my love.

You KNOW there is!

Again, AWAKEN.

Today is YOUR day for fortune restoration and expansion as you allow yourself to be all of you.

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Much Amazing Love

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