Yes, They were right.

I am selfish. I am stubborn.

I am lazy. I do like to find & take the easy path (though for a long time, I thought I should find the hardest path, ignore who I am and do what ‘they’ said would be best. How crazy!)

I can be pretty blunt without even meaning to be.

I want what I want and I want it all NOW!

I have always passionately loved the Divine (Papa). He has always been my one and only constant.

And I absolutely love ME!

And I no longer feel the need to explain myself or apologize about any of it.

I am just gonna put my head down and do what I am here to do & have a darned fine time at it, too!

There is freedom in admitting who you are and loving yourself anyway.

So much of my time used to be spent trying to justify myself to others or getting angry & hurt that they could not understand me.

What a waste of time!

The world does not need to understand me.

Even my loved ones do not need to understand me.

Everyone can love me or leave me but I no longer will contort myself to suit anyone.

The Divine is LITERALLY all I need.

Everything/Everyone can be taken away and I will still be fine.

I am loved.

I am incredibly, unconditionally loved.

And so are you.

You no longer need to perform for love.

You are already loved.

You no longer need to be anyone ‘they’ want you to be.


And when you get that, really truly get that, you too will be so free.

You will be shocked at how much pain and suffering you allowed yourself to go through because you thought you had to do all these things to seek love and freedom and fulfilment and abundance.

Oh honey, for a moment, right now, imagine you really truly deep down KNEW how loved you were.

Imagine deep down you knew that EVERY SINGLE NEED OF YOURS was already met.

What would you stop doing?

What would you start doing?

Who would you allow yourself to be?


Come back home to the Divine, to you.

Everything you are looking for, is ALREADY YOURS.

You just need to come back home.

Like the prodigal son (google the story if you do not know it), you have gone searching for what you cannot find ‘out there’.

Like the crazy elder brother in the very same story, you have been surrounded by, and had immediate access to every great amazing thing and you STILL thought you had to perform to get what was already YOURS.

You just have not felt worthy and so you have put on this facade, tried to be what you thought ‘they’ wanted.

You have even lost track of all the ‘they’s you are performing for.




Are you done with jumping around trying to get things?

Are you done with living to limits that feel so limited?

Are you done with looking for magic bullets to let you into the kingdom when the kingdom is already yours?

then come do life with me in the OPULENCE CIRCLE

Come let my crazy energy rub off on you.

Come immerse yourself in new ways of thinking and being.

Come avail yourself of every program I have created and all the ones I continue to create.

Come and finally allow yourself to see what is ALREADY YOURS.


And if you resonate with me, then this will support you in taking hold of all that is already yours.

Join me in the Circle.

Much Amazing Love

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