You are allowed to create wealth anyway you like…

Allowed to do work you enjoy…

Allowed to be whatever you want to be.

No one stops you and certainly, God/The Universe/The Source does not stop you – If anything, The Source rejoices in the expression of you.

And yet you hold back for fear of offending Him, for fear of appearing to love anything more than you love The Source…

You sometimes fear you will be punished by having it all taken away from you and so you stay stuck in situations that drain you because you think you have to.  You do not see the root of human opinion and control that you have now attributed to Source.

Please remember that you have life, life in abundance…

Remember that you are free…

And yet, the fear, the doubt wins most of the time.  You do not see that you attribute the Source with stealing, killing and destroying – the very thing the source tries to free you from.  And so you stay in pain because you believe you are trapped in a bad situation and you think that source demands it of you.

He does not!

He wants your freedom!

Your freedom to enjoy everything available to you.

Your freedom to be everything, anything you want.

You are FREE

You are allowed.

You can have fun with this life.  It can be a great experience if you will allow yourself to live it out fully instead of believing that you must suffer and that all kinds of things are witheld from you.

Ask for what you want and stay on the path until you see the evidence of it.  Do not assume it is not coming just because it is not here yet.  You already have everything that you have let yourself have, so if you want more, why not allow yourself to create more?

  1. Make a decision about what you want – An unwavering, solid decision

  2. Declare it in writing, in words

  3. Take action towards it with the end result firmly in mind but see it also as a done deal.  See it as something inevitable because it is.  There is no need to force or push, it is coming – You just keep taking the action to make it real.

A simple three step process and yet it is tough for you because your mind scurries around, searching for reasons to doubt.

Stop it.

Nothing is held back from you except that which you refuse to allow in.

You are more powerful than you realise.

It is time to create the life and business you want and stop living the one you don’t.

Kind Regards


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