There is a crazy background thought in your head.

Controlling you.

Keeping you from your own good.

And you don’t even know it.

There you are, desperately seeking connection in a real way to the Divine.

You know you want it.

You know it will complete you.

And so you do what you know to do to draw close.

You recite the prayers.

You take the time each day to cultivate some kind of a relationship.

You ask for guidance.

YOu try to be obedient.

You confess when you are not.

You still long for closeness because though you do these things, something still feels missing.

Like you cannot quite draw as close as you know is possible.

And somewhere in the hidden recesses of your mind, deeper than yuo would ever dare to look, is the angry face of you.

The hurting face of you.

And even if you did see it, you would never dare admit it because how can you ever be angry with the Divine.

He does no wrong.

So, it must be you, you tell yourself and drive a further wedge between you and your innermost being.

And why are you angry?

You are angry because you believe that drawing close to the Divine means you can never truly prosper.

You are angry because you have been praying for a long time to prosper in some specific way and it STILL HAS NOT COME ABOUT, despite all your attempts to do what you have been told to do.

Despite trying so hard to be acceptable.

Despite all that and still, you struggle.

But you cannot voice all this because regardless of how angry you are inside, you also long for closeness with the Divine.

And it is all a mish-mash-mess inside of you but you never look so you don’t know.

You live on the surface.

It is safe there.

You never have to look too close at the mess in your emotions.

And you never have to face the fact that you are in a weird push-pull relationship with the Divine.

It might even be showing up in your real life relationships.

And you don’t know why you are angry and withdrawn with people, while at the same time, desperately wanting their attention and love.

But it is also what is happening between you and the Divine.

Your relationship with the Divine is so important to you and yet, you find it hard to completely relax with someone who could take everything away from you and seems to already have at least once before.

I know these are only words but you need to know there is a flaw in your thinking.


The Divine withholds nothing.

But while you think he/she does, you can be sure that you will not prosper and you will not have the intimacy you long for, either.

It is time to AWAKEN, my love.

It is time to break free of conditioned thinking.

It is time to pay attention to what is going on within you so that you can clear it.

Will you?

The FREEDOM COLLECTION has been put together to support you in becoming aware and handling these issues.

RELEASE TO BE RICH is one of the programs in there and it will teach you a simple 4 step process for identifying and clearing mental blocks to your own prosperity.

I exhort you to get your copy and start the work.

How much longer will you get in your own way?

Much Amazing Love

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