I know, I know… As spiritual people, we sometimes think we need to downplay our awesomeness in order to look humble but don’t you see that THAT awesome is what we are offering the world?!


I see you as light in the darkness

It is not that we need to fix the world, it is just that we need to remind the world of who and what they are and we cannot do that by pretending to be less than who we are.

We have to own our power

WE HAVE TO PRACTISE that power and learn to harness it predictably and then tell the world, in as many different ways as we can, how to do the same thing.

And here are a few ideas for you to do exactly that…


This is the foundation for everything we do: Connection to our power Source.  I call Him Papa or the Divine.  You may have a different name for it but it is the same thing.  Learning how to predictably connect is key to all that we do.  I teach my clients a simple 4 step process on how to do that and we practise, practise, practise.

Most spirit-driven people get the idea that no practise is required which means they flounder and dwell in confusion because they have not learnt how to PREDICTABLY hear intuitive guidance.  They sometimes think that such precision is reserved for special holy people – NOPE!

It is just a practice.


Watch what words you use to describe your various situations.  Affirm what you want and not what you don’t.  Remember that affirmations are for your benefit – It is not for the purposes of FORCING the universe to give you anything.  It is actually for the purpose of conditioning yourself to allow it.  All that you desire already exists around you but for whatever reason, you are not fully in alignment.  Affirmations help you get into alignment with your desires.

People sometimes get disheartened when they chant their affirmations and nothing much changes but that is simply because it is not for the universe that you chant and also, without connection to Source, there is no power, no energy to bring the seeds you are planting in your subconscious mind to life.  It is like planting a seed very vigorously in dead soil.  No matter how many seeds you plant, nothing will ever thrive there and anything that does, gets choked very quickly.  As can happen when people pull in what they want with mental force alone and see it disintegrate before their very eyes or come with a heckuva lot of trouble.

Has that ever happened to you?


Your feelings are powerful.  They add oomph to everything you are creating. Visualisation is also a pretty amazing tool to use to bring in your desires.

Remember however, you do not need to be visual though you can use things like recording yourself describing a scene of what will happen after you have achieved your goal and listen to that while doing your best to picture and feel it all.  That can really help you speed up your manifestations.  And also, it gets you into the right feeling state to allow your good in.  Take the time to do this and listen to it night and day.  Watch what happens.

My clients are usually amazed by how such a simple little thing can make such a HUGE difference.


OK, ain’t nothing gonna happen without you doing your part in the physical arena.  Now, I can tell you for a fact as a recovering hustler without soul, that the work alone is not enough.  I used to think that this was the only part that matters – As long as I was willing to outwork everyone then success was inevitable and I suppose I did create a form of success but it was capped.

I had to include all these other things in order to see my results really take off.  My productivity went up even though I felt I was doing less and I was allowing more income from all kinds of sources to come through for less work.  Woohoo!  I really learnt to trust that my needs were ALWAYS met.

Still, the physical work has got to be done.  Keep it aligned to your TRUE DESIGN though, not just busywork!

As spiritual entrepreneurs, I teach clients to communicate (find where your people are and go speak to them), capture (build audience with mailing list and on social media platforms) and close (make offers) every single day in some way.  Prosperity goes beyond just our businesses though so there will be action for other areas of life too.  I make time to hang with my home-educated daughters each day as well and my awesome hubby.  Thankfully, we created this amazing life where we work and school from home.  Not to everyone’s taste, of course but heaven to me to always have my immediate family around and we can travel and go out together when everyone else is busting their gut at work or school (So much more peaceful!).  I love it!  And such a far-cry from where I thought I would be just a few years ago but with deliberate design, anything is possible.


And this is the part that many try to avoid.  I used to think it was completely unnecessary.  Having been a girl who was brought up mostly in Nigeria – a third world country – You learnt that you just had to work hard and forget your feelings.  Feelings were weak.  You just needed to get over it and WORK HARD or starve!  Coming to the UK, joining a church that talked about healing emotions and such, just made me squirm and judge everyone as weak!

How wrong was I!!!

Without this cleaning and clearing work, the blessings that you are seeking to create cannot find you.  You are blocked when you do not do the inner work of cleaning and clearing.  Your stories about the past need to be handled.  Your beliefs about what is possible for you, need to be tweaked until they HELP YOU, rather than HINDER you.  Some of these things my clients cannot even see until I point out what they are assuming is true.

Simple question to ask about anything is “IS THIS HELPING ME or HINDERING ME?’

And then, no matter how sacred something is, if it is hindering you, it gotta go!

I have had to do this with certain religious beliefs, cultural beliefs, sexuality beliefs and much more, in order to claim my freedom and prosperity.  Are you willing to question all the sacred cows in your life to make sure they are allowing you to receive your good?

I hope so, because your people are waiting to hear from you.


I help my clients to change more lives, serve more of the people they are called to serve and create wealth online following their TRUE DESIGN

Would you like that to be your story?

Many of my clients have transitioned into their own highly profitable online businesses, deepened their connection with the Divine, created loving relationships and much more – Ultimately, my clients and I work together to create free, fulfilled, financially abundant and love-drenched lives

Are you ready to RISE?

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Much Amazing Love

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