You hear things

You know things

You feel things

And these things (ideas and thoughts) are outside of your regular experience

It scares you

It may not be a conscious fear

But it makes you wonder whether these ideas are valid

You laugh them off

As you are unsure whether to trust yourself or not

Or you mention them to others

Who are so ensconced in their experience of life that they cannot even begin to comprehend what you are talking about…

And they try to get you to stay firmly on the ground

They think you are too airey-fairey

Too out there

You can see them looking at you wondering when you will finally see the light and come back down to earth…

And you too also wonder if you are crazy for thinking these things, feeling and knowing these things…

And so you downplay it

You have not fully owned your role as new breed leader in the world…

You have not yet fully understood that you are receiving new wisdom, new thoughts, new ideas for the new age coming in this world…

You keep trying to fit your expanded self into a very contracted space

And it is uncomfortable

You feel off-course

Off track

And you will continue to do that until you fully own your role in the new era…

There is no mistake about you and the vision AND new wisdom you carry inside of you

But the fear will kill it off, unless you own it.

I know it all seems outside your current experience of life

I know you pride yourself on being practical, even though others may think you are too ‘head up in the clouds’, ‘in your own bubble’

Do not despise these things seeking expression through you, just because it is outside the regular defined expression of success and how life ‘should’ be

You are called to usher in a new era

And it will shake the old one off its foundation

Of course, the ideas coming through you are novel and different!

It is a new day

And new leaders are required for this time

Will you AWAKEN and fully own your role as messenger, way-shower?

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Much Amazing Love

Rosemary Nonny Knight
The Prosperity Minister



  • Sharlene Andrade says:

    Thank you so much for this amazing write up! I’.m strengthened with your words. Hope you could reach out to more people out there. All the best.

  • Hannah Lagdameo says:

    We are all leaders in any way, we just have to unleash it. Thank you so much for sharing this.

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