You are a messenger of light

You know it

Every time you read that title – MESSENGER OF LIGHT, you feel a resonance, a connection, a deep nudge that reminds you that you came onto this planet to be light and love.

And yet, you feel cloaked in darkness at times

And it does feel even tougher for you because yes, you are LEADER and you are here to overcome the darkness and show others how to do the same.

But you have forgotten

And though you dabble at getting your message out, you still feel you must hold on tight to what seems to be reasonable, sensible and logical.

And yes, there is room for these left-brain practices but stifling your right-brain is not the way

Instead, fully surrender to the calling on your life

Please take it seriously

Your people need what you have

They need your love

They need your wisdom

They need you to go bigger so they can see you and hear you and feel your energy and be drawn to you

And, honey, YOU need you

You are dying inside as you play this small game that may look big to others but it looks teeny-tiny to you because you KNOW you are capable of more, despite the self-doubt you feel at times.

You need you to take the limits off

It is making you feel small when you tell yourself repeatedly that you cannot do this thing that you really want to do


The vision is the permission

The vision also indicates that you have access to the resources

You simply need to say YES

No one will force you, of course, so please stop waiting for another word from the Divine to begin doing what needs to be done

ACT on what you know you need to do

ACT now

It is the only path to true lasting prosperity in every area of your life

You think you are doing okay now but when you truly surrender to the calling on your life, you will be surprised to see how much further you can go.

Yes, there will be challenge

And yes, you are more than capable of handling it

You are capable of your calling




Financial abundance

Unconditional love

These are things that will begin to flow into your life more readily and easily as you choose to live to your TRUE DESIGN / Life’s purpose


And mean it.

Come, I created something for you – a whole library full of immersion trainings to support you in leaving behind the pain of the past and stepping boldly into your TRUE DESIGN life.


Much Amazing Love

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