I see you waking up feeling as though there is something wrong with you…

As though you are carrying the world on your shoulders

Feeling an ongoing sadness that never seems to leave you

I see you put on your facade and come into the world with a smile on your face

Looking as though nothing ever fazes you

Doing everything except the things that you really want to do

Being all things to all people but leaving your own vision on the shelf

People look up to you

And in some ways, they do not even want to know if there is something wrong with you

They want you to be perfect and fine and continuing to carry their burdens

And you allow it to continue because it is better than facing the darkness inside of you

The darkness you try to pretend does not exist

But it gets worse with time

As you continue to ignore the true calling in your heart

You have built a life on the wrong foundation

And now you do not know how to change things

You do not even think you have a right to do that

Too many responsibilities

Too many people to support and help

And yet, I call you out

And remind you that you are loved, safe, fully supported

Remind you that your life is created to be a masterpiece

That you yourself are a work of beautiful art when you allow the real you to come through

To remind you that that vision within you, is yours to create

You are so very capable of your calling

And your vision is all the permission you need to start your transition

Surely, it is time to put you first, my love

Surely, it is time to fully realise the dreams in your heart

You have all the power and courage when it comes to other people’s visions

Why not yours?

Why not love yourself enough to go after the desires of your own heart?

You hear the whisper of the Divine within you, calling you to respond?

Will you?

Will you stop putting yourself last?


And I cannot wait to see you in your true design glory.



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Rise victorious in your true design.

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Much Amazing Love

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