The ideas and thoughts that want to come through you, feel weird…

They seem out there and strange

You stifle them because they seem at odds with the life you have built

Successful by anyone’s standards

But wrong, oh so wrong for you…

And you keep getting distracted by the everyday nonsenses of life

Some are necessary

Children to support

Partner to love on

Bills to pay

Job to attend to

Home to run

All essential everyday responsibility

And some distractions are just annoying

Arguments to handle

Differences & drama to manage

The lack of self-worth you have battled with your whole life

The doubt

The fear

And despite all this distraction, something simmers under the surface

Seeking your attention

And yes, you try to respond to it in a small way

Doing your volunteer bit at church and in the community

Maybe dabbling at being on social media some days…

Playing at sharing your thoughts but not too deeply (After all, you don’t want your colleagues or family or boss or friends to think you too weird!)

Maybe writing a blog when you get round to it…

No way will you do a video!!! (people might see you!!!!!)

But there is no consistency and no real plan to make it a real thing

Because overall, you are stifling it

Trying to be both hot and cold

But it is impossible

And so, you feel unfulfilled as you deny the power within you


There ARE new ideas and thoughts within you

And they are yours to deliver to the world if you will get out of your own way

There is a longing within to be so completely seen

And yet, there is a fear that if you let it all out then you will be shunned and left alone

That you will destroy your current life that took years and hard graft to build

It may not be the right life for you but at least, it is something

And you keep trying to tell yourself that it has to be enough

You do not want to be grouped together with those crazy woo-woo people

That is not who you are

Your feet are firmly on the ground

And yet…

How much longer can you fight your true nature?

You are both human and divine


Surrender, my love

Go all in, my love

Of course, that does not mean dropping all that you are doing immediately

No, but it does mean allowing yourself to truly consider that YOUR WHOLE LIFE could be lived from this foundation of your TRUE DESIGN

It does mean turning your back on the idea that there are only certain ways that are respectable to create a magnificent income

And yes, it will demand faith at the start

Faith that it will work because you have decided that it will.

You could be the one that changes your whole family line for the better

You could be the one that changes the consciousness of a whole nation

You could be the way-shower for the world

Will you surrender to your true design?

Yes, I know you are a strange blend of proud because you know you are powerful

And also, scared that you are too proud and deluded for thinking the thought that you could be THAT powerful

Yes, we all feel that way

Will you surrender anyway?

I call you to join me for MESSENGER OF LIGHT

It is time you took your TRUE DESIGN seriously

You deeply desire to change more lives and have more impact

And no, it is not pride

It is simply what you are called and designed to do

So, stop holding back and let us map out a strategy together to put your true work out there into the world

Come be immersed in an arena where it is normal to be a new breed leader with new ideas, new thoughts, new feelings that seek expression

You have know the call on your life for a very long time

Are you willing to GO ALL IN?

No more dilly-dallying on the outskirts of your own vision

If yes, then MESSENGER OF LIGHT is definitely for you

Take a look at

Work with me in the mastermind group or work with me one on one in the VIP version

The choice is yours

It is time to AWAKEN to the fullness of your power

It is time to be the beacon of light and love that you are born to be


Much Amazing Love

Rosemary Nonny Knight
The Prosperity Coach To The Spirit-Driven

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