You and I Need To talk about the nonsense… before success flees

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You and I Need To talk now about the nonsense before success fleesWhy, oh why, do you persist in doing the same old, same old stuff? And then to add insult to your own injury, you keep expecting a different result.

You want so much to change, you dream of it, you wish for it but ultimately, nothing changes and you wonder if anything will ever be different. Will you get the result you want from life or is this it?

Is this it?

Is this all there is?

You beg and plead in your mind with the heavens and you wish and you hope that something will change but when it comes down to it, you do nothing different.

You kinda know that there are some actions that you must take and yet, you are overwhelmed with life as it is. You are not staying on top of your current life so how on earth are you expected to do anything else.

You look as though you have it all together and yet…

And yet…

And yet…

There are those little niggles that hint at you…

They tell you that what you are currently doing is just not the real work, the real thing that you have to be doing and instead of you tapping into that inside place that knows completely what you are called to, you keep feeling overwhelmed. You keep doubting your own power and you stay put in your current circumstances.

And it is enough!

This life you are living is not your real life.

You are created for more but unless you claim it, all you get is this small life.

Because you will always get what you focus on.

You focus on lack and you get more lack.

You focus on overwhelm, you feel even more overwhelmed.

You focus only on keeping up appearances, then you will keep the appearances and lose yourself.

It is your choice!

It is always your choice and you pretend you have no choice.

Is this the life you want or is it not?

And if it is not, then why on earth do you not change it?

What are you waiting for? A voice from heaven to give you permission to be you? You already have it. You were created with everything you need within you.

But you keep putting the limits on.

For goodness’ sake!, TAKE THEM OFF!

Experiment with who you could be if you let yourself fly and thrive and be all the things you dream of.

Do you think you are alone in the fear?

You are not!

Do you think that all those people you look at with admiration avoided the fear and the overwhelm and all the stuff that you are currently facing?

No, honey, they did not.

They just ignored that stuff and focused on getting what they want out of life and business. And they let the chips fall where they may.

For some people, it is still a daily choice to do what their heart calls them to do rather than what the world, their family, their friends want them to do. Success is almost never an easy choice for anyone to make.

You see the highlight reels but you do not see the pain, the struggle, the heartache that people have to wade through in order to be all that they are created to be.

There is resistance on every side at times and the biggest resistance most ‘successful’ people face is the very one you face – the one inside your head.

The one that tells you to stop dreaming, to stop thinking that anything other than what you currently have, is possible.

It is the same battle faced day in, day out.

Facing down the resistance EVERY SINGLE DAY!

And yet, you think you are alone in it.

You think that they had some magic fairy dust but they don’t.

They just chose.

And you can choose.

You can choose at any moment to listen to those little niggles inside of you.

Those niggles that want to wake you up to what is truly possible for you.

Those niggles that want you to choose your real life.

Will you wake up and live it?

Will you choose to do the real work so you can live the real life?

Will you see all the potential inside of you that is currently going to waste as you pretend to be unable to do anything but what you currently do?

And because you pretend so much, you give into the nonsense – you spend your evenings eating the rubbish that makes you feel bad, or drinking the drink that makes you forget that you are living the wrong life.

You volunteer to build someone else’s dream and then tell yourself that you do not have the time to do your own because ‘they’ need you.

And all the while, you wonder when it will be your time.

Honey, your time is now.

Your time IS NOW!

But it does not become your time by begging and pleading and praying about it.

You claim this time by CLAIMING THIS TIME!

You wake up and you do the real work! THE REAL WORK!

The one you want to do anyway so why on earth are you delaying?

What do you think will change until you choose to change it?

Decide who you choose to be and JUST BE IT!

No one can stop you unless you let them.

No one can stand in the path of a determined soul so, BE that determined soul.

Take a moment NOW, write down what you want life to look like and ask yourself, if I was already this person living this glorious life, what would my next action be? What would I do to ensure my life remained so glorious?

Then do it!

Yes, to start with, it will not feel clear…

You have been in the cloudy place for far too long but as you deliberately choose to be the person you say you are – the person you choose to be…

It will start to be clear.

You will start to take deliberate action towards your dream life and business.

You will stop talking, dreaming, planning and you will start acting.

You will start to do the real work and as the real work becomes more the norm for you, the dream life starts to peek out from behind the clouds of uncertainty and one day, you wake up and realize the dream life has now become the norm and you are too blessed for words.

Wake up warrior.

Wake up and claim your real life.

And to end, if this resonates with you and you want to have the fierce conversations that lead to real change, if you are ready to be called out on your nonsense so that you can actually LIVE and create wealth, and BE all you know you are capable of, then come into the DELIBERATE MILLIONAIRE ASSEMBLY and let me support you in empowering others and setting up new income streams as you clear the blocks to peace and plenty.  IT IS YOUR TIME TO PROSPER. –

Much Amazing Love

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