The first time I broke through to my next level of prosperity, it was not because I suddenly changed something major about what I was doing.

It was simply because I finally paid attention to what inner game I was playing

I had been working hard at building my property empire and I had reached a standstill.

No matter what I did, nothing worked to increase my income.

I was stuck.

And then I had a day of forgiveness with my coach.

Within 90 days, my income doubled.

To the practical, logical eye, there was no connection whatsoever.

In fact, if they were writing books about it, they would just simply look at my actions and detail at great length all the things I was doing and their analysis would look and sound legitimate.

But others would try to follow the plan and some would win, most would fail.

Because they did not understand the inner game shift that I had undergone.  In fact, the writer of the book would have ignored that part of my journey and deigned not to include it because he/she would probably think that it would make them sound silly to try to connect the two.

And yet, I KNOW that I did not change anything about what I was doing, all I did was change who I was being.

I went from being someone who was forever trying to prove myself to people whose love I desperately wanted, to someone who just knew what she truly desired – more money in business – and so focused her formidable energy on that end-result without all the mental and physical game-playing that goes into maintaining painful relationships.

It was even much more than that.

I stopped using my business to play the game of ‘Can I make them love me more?’

or the game of ‘Can I not care if they love me at all?’

or sometimes, it was the submissive game of ‘If I make this business work, can I make them happy?’ or ‘will it finally prove that I am worthy of their attention and affection?’

other times, it was the rebellious game of ‘I don’t care if I make them happy! I will use this business as a reason not to spend time with them’

Sometimes, I was trying to feel worthy but if you are trying to do something physical to feel worthy internally, then it is a game you cannot win because you are trying to fix something that is not broken!

You are worthy simply because you are and ain’t nothing gonna make you more worthy.

NO matter how hard you try to use your physical actions to resolve this inner tension, it cannot work because you cannot fix what was not broken in the first place.

But you will keep trying and trying and trying.

With your mouth, you’ll say ‘I am building my business’

Inside, you are saying ‘I am trying to make myself worthy of their love and affection and respect first’

But you don’t feel worthy and so, everytime you get close to breakthrough, you will do something to either change the goal post so you never get there or you will break something so you never get there or you will fall ill so you never get there or you will experience a divorce and lose all focus so you never get there (and you will be forever blaming your ex-partner) or some other huge drama will happen with your kids so you get distracted and you never get there and it will forever be the kid’s fault.

I could go on.

And why?

Because you are playing the wrong game.

But you don’t know you are playing the wrong game.

The game has become everything

You are immersed in the game

You might be reading this and feel a glimmer of recognition that you have been doing this but your lovely frozen personalities – the parts of you that YOU CREATED to keep yourself safe – will snatch understanding right out of your mind and keep you playing the same crazy game where you are forever the struggling warrior, fighting, fighting, fighting and never ever winning.

Every day, you feel more and more tired.

Every day, you feel more and more doubt.

Every day, you feel less and less capable.

I played this game a long time.

Claiming to want success but forever being preoccupied in the wrong battle.

Forever holding myself back from breakthrough.

Forever trying to fix my childhood woundings with my adult actions.




I had to finally rise above the noise and drama as I connected more powerfully with the Divine

I had to choose to see, think, feel, act as He did by learning to hear and TRUST & ACT UPON my intuition.

I did and continue to do the relevant healing work – I ain’t looking for perfection here – I just need to clear the resistance to my goals.

I had to stop reacting and start CREATING!

I had to FOCUS on what I ACTUALLY wanted which I could not do while I was busy playing the wrong game.

And all the while, the frozen personalities within me were screaming at me to come back to safety, come back to this nice little comfortable spot where it is ‘safe’.

A lot of the time, I listened to them until I started to learn the difference between the frozen personalities and my intuition/the Divine.

I see you, honey.

Playing hard at the wrong game while pretending to yourself that you truly want prosperity.

I also know you cannot see that you are doing it.

You cannot see how, daily, you are trying to resolve childhood or even just last year’s wounds

Are you done yet?


Watch it now.

Something special awaits those who watch it.

But only until tomorrow.

Go now and watch it –

Get on path to the life you truly desire.

Much Amazing Love

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