YOU ACT AS THOUGH YOU HAVE NO CHOICE and I look at you and wonder…

What crazy thoughts go on in your head as you look at the abundant world and complain?

You act as though you have no choice as though life is happening to you…

Somehow you are convinced that all is lost and some savior is coming to save the day.

You forget that your savior is you!

Because everyone who is coming has already come and told you what you can do…

But your ears are shut and your eyes are closed and you still moan and groan and wait.

And waiting, you will wait for a very long time ‘cos no one is coming for you!

You act as though you have no choice and life is just too hard

Look around, friend! Even those who succeed, do so against all the odds.

You look at them now with envy but where were you when no one came to their aid and they just kept on pushing through the blood, sweat and tears?

They knew there was more and so they went for it refusing to buy the lies their own mind was feeding them. Their own mind was their worst enemy, their own mind sought to betray them and yet, they stayed standing against all the odds.

They refused to let the thoughts in their head determine how far they could go.

They had a vision and they kept pushing through.

The question of course is ‘Will You?’

You act as though you have no choice but to return to a job that you hate.

You convince yourself that this is the only way…

The only practical thing to do…

So, day by day, your soul is destroyed and there is no respite from the slow, painful death.

And yet you tell yourself that it is better to be safe than to do the work to claim back your soul and create the life you want.

You look on sorrowfully as life ticks on by.

And you forget that you are working hard anyway…

So you may as well work hard on something you want!

But safety, security feels too good to throw away…

So what if you die inside?

Your choice, I suppose…

And yet, you act as though you have no choice…

No choice but to be a spectator.

Watching others live their life…

Living vicariously through your friends, your kids, people you watch on TV…

That box that devours a great proportion of your life as you watch and you watch and you watch someone else’s imagination stunting the development of yours so it is so much harder to wake up from the trance and see reality for what it is.

The world like a canvas waiting for your paintbrush to do whatever you will and yet, to you, with your imagination stunted, it seems like someone else has already coloured it in and you just follow their plan wherever it takes you and wonder why you feel empty inside.

You are created to be free, yet you have forgotten.

You are created to shine, yet you hide.

You are created for dominion but you live in submission.

And you act as though you have no choice.

Wake up!


Do the work, Warrior!

You have limitless choices!

Wake up and smell the roses!

You are powerful!

A being of incredible creativity!

Why on earth are you pretending to be limited?

You have a brain that you only use a tiny proportion of.

You have a spirit that can take you places if you will let it.

You sense there is more for you and all you need to do is take the first step.

Will you, warrior?

Will you?

Listen, if you are actually ready to wake up and start creating wealth the way you want to…

If you are fed up of being asleep and thinking that life is happening to you…

If you want to be woken up every freaking day so you can do the work and create the abundance you desire, doing exactly what you love…

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