If you want that dream, you are going to have to do more than the average person.

In fact, just stop comparing yourself to the average person.

The average person lives a life they do not want to live and they tell themselves some story about not having time to create the life they do want, plus many other great sounding stories.

And that had better not be you.

Because if you want your dream, you are going to have to find the time for it in the midst of an already crazy busy life.

It is just the way it is.

If you did not start building your dream in your early teens when you were living home with your parents and being fed and watered by those longsuffering peeps, then you are going to have to start now with children, jobs, partners, church or whatever you attend and much,much more.


And you do know it is true.

As I sat down to write this blog…

This blog that I have been trying to write for ages.

This blog that I made a commitment to myself to write so i could just have decided not to write it as no one would force me to do it.

BUT I AM COMMITTED TO MY VISION and writing, singing, speaking is a big part of that commitment so I do it.

Anyhoos, I did find a moment when I had managed to send my precious princesses off to pick some berries and I had a few moments of silence and I was sitting here connecting with the Divine and asking for the message for today and then, what did I hear?

Little scampering feet as my princesses returned much earlier than I had wanted them to but guess what?

I still had to write the blog so I did.

And yep, the fact that they came back when they did gave me a blog topic – Thanks Papa!

So I guess there is an upside to every interruption.

However, I could easily have decided that I do not have time.

But I did not.

I am still writing away with them yelling around me about washing blackberries and trying to show me their muscles and such.

There are many nights when I stay up late.

And I always wake up between 4 and 5 am to get time alone with Papa and then to do as much work as I can before the household wakes up.

And I know some people will start moaning about burn out but that only applies when you are doing stuff you do not love to do and when you are trying to do it without connection to Source.

So again, do not be average!

We are those who are called to something more.

We are those who have determined to make a difference and make our mark on this planet.

We are those who are ready to do what it takes UNTIL IT TAKES.

So, yes, honey, you HAVE TIME!

BECAUSE YOU MAKE TIME in the middle of whatever is going on.

You use the 5 minutes here and the 6 minutes there and you BUILD YOUR VISION.

And no, you do not burn out because you do not even allow that to be a thing for you because you are connected to Source and you are doing what you love to do.


And so stop listening to other people’s definition of what you are supposed to be able to do and just get to being the superstar you are.

And before you go, have you got your copy of YOU HAVE THE POWER.

Learning how to use both your divine abilities and your powerful physical abilities will accelerate your progress no end.


Much Amazing Love

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