I am a content machine

I am a sales machine

I was not born this way, or maybe I was but I was certainly not conditioned to think that way

In fact, when I told people who knew me that I wanted to be in business, they laughed at me

They thought I was more suited to doing something book-ish

I guess it all came down to the decision I made about my life

I decided to reach 334000 people and empower them to reach financial independence and make their mark on the planet and I did not want to do it broke.

So, I decided on what I wanted and got to doing it.

I say all that to tell you that firstly, if you are going to make sales every single day in your business, you need to DECIDE that you will.

It needs to be SET IN STONE in your mind so that when the going seems unlikely, you do not quit and tell yourself you are not cut out for it.


  2. CONNECT TO SOURCE:  Ideas are your big money maker.One of my biggest source of ideas is the Divine.  I go to bed asking for an idea and I wake up and usually within the first few hours or even the instant of waking up, I have an idea.  (Thank You, Papa) or I go into spin class with the thought that I will come out with the next product idea and voila, I get one. (Thank You, Papa, Jesus, future self and angels – Yep, I have everyone on team!) or I just start journalling it out asking and asking “What is the best thing I can do today to serve my peeps and bring in an income?” and again, the ideas come.I know that it may seem weird to you but that is simply because you have not fully realised your divinity.  I am still on my journey but I definitely realise now that the unseen realm is VERY willing to help me if I ask and receive.  Same goes for you, my love.
  3. AUTOMATE: Honey, do you have a mailing list?  I do not understand why you would not have one.  This allows you to then set up a series of emails that follow people up and then most of your attention can go to filling that funnel so that people are automatically told about your offers.  You can also get advertising to work that will enable you to passively generate income.  It is hardly ever passive at the start so do not think you will just jump into passive income.  And also to keep it working, people need to have a level of trust that you are no fly-by-night so you will need to show up in the online space doing something.

And while we’re talking, I have put together something for you

THE MAKE SALES EVERYDAY free report.  It breaks down in 5 parts what to do to achieve sales daily.  Do you want a copy?

Pop over to RosemaryNonnyknight.com/makesaleseveryday

Much Amazing Love

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