There is a part of you that doubts that you can have it all…

And because you doubt it, you will always put the brakes on…

You will subconsciously tell yourself to chill out and enjoy this moment because this might be all you can get…

You will be indecisive about what to do next and even when you KNOW what to do, you will delay on doing it because there is a part of you that thinks that you are going after something impossible.

And while you allow that crazy thought to exist in your psyche, it will destroy your dreams, your hopes, your plans and bring you back to mediocrity.


And you know it and yet, it is hard to fight what you refuse to see.

See it now!

And see what damage it is doing to you!

It is causing you to lose your drive because you are trying to convince yourself that you can be happy with what you have now…

But you are not.

You want more but you are holding back from going after it because of what you might lose!

You are also too scared to look at the lie you are buying into.

And here it is…

Subconsciously, you think that if you win, if you really go all out AND WIN IN THE WAY YOU IMAGINE, you will lose your loved ones…

You will be alone…

And you don’t want to admit that you love your work more than anything because that would make you a bad person, right?!

All the movies said so…

They have tried to tame you and it would seem that they are winning…

Will you continue to let them win?

Or will you put your stake in the ground and decide that you are going to have everything!


Regardless of what anyone thinks is possible for them…

You are not them.

You are a winning machine when you take the brakes off! (and that equally scares and exhilarates you)

You are you and you refuse to settle!

You decide to have the work that makes you come alive… (rather than settle for any old job that numbs you out!)

You decide to have the relationships that make you come alive… (and drop any that don’t!)

You decide to have the spiritual connection that makes you come alive… (without rules, regulations, rituals but all love and connection)

You decide to have sex in a way that feels great to you… (rather than denying its sway over you and then doing things that make you feel ashamed or dead and frustrated inside…)

You decide to have a healthy body that lasts long enough to enjoy the fruit of your labour (rather than hiding your dissatisfaction under layers and layers of food and fat)

You decide to have as much money as you want to make all the above easy… (And yes, in this moment, you realise that all you want the money for, is all the above.  It is not a goal in itself)


And so it is a done deal!

All the jitteryness and the indecision and the fear just makes it all take longer and it makes you doubt yourself.

I don’t care what they all say!

If you want it, then do whatever it takes to get it ALL!

It literally is your decision!


And the only thing you need to do is make the decision.

Yes, I know you can see lots of winners out there who lack the relationships – but that does not have to be you!

Yes, you can see the scandals that can surround those who were great in one area but then lost it in another and you can make it mean that if you play full out then that will be you!

Decide that it won’t and it won’t!

It is that simple!

Yes, you can see people who have given up in one area or the other, but that does not have to be you!

You are the one with all the choices…

You are the one that gets to determine what your whole life looks like…

You are the one that gets to surround yourself with winners, not ‘norms’ who believe the media and the ‘you cannot have it all’ nonsense…


So what do you choose, leader?

To have it all?

Or to keep doubting that it is possible and therefore get your doubts, rather than your dreams!

What will it be?

And don’t deceive yourself that you are not choosing because honey, you are.


It may be subconscious but you are still choosing…

So bring it into the conscious and choose.

Will you let yourself go full-out after every single thing you want?

Or are you telling yourself to settle for what you have now?

Make a decision, a conscious decision…

Some people will decide to settle and it is not necessarily a bad thing…

That is their choice.

You, Leader, what do you choose?

Personally, I choose to have it all…

I am committed and I am looking for other committed peeps that refuse to say die…

That refuse to settle…

That will do what it takes to have it all…

That will cut off every single thing that hinders…

That KNOW they are called to do, be something spectacular…

That KNOW they are called to transform lives…

That KNOW they want more and they refuse to hide it any longer…

YOU are relentless and you want it all!

Please remember.

  1. Your vision is your permission.
  2. You are capable of your calling.
  3. You are much more powerful than you realise.
  4. Yes you can get everything you want.
  5. You are loved. You are enough. You are worthy. You deserve the very best of everything.


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