The earth is the Lord’s, and everything in it.
    The world and all its people belong to him.

From The Bible

As an entrepreneur, there are times when it feels really hard to find the people who will buy your stuff.

It feels like you are advertising and sharing gems of wisdom and asking for the sale and yet, nothing, nothing, NOTHING and the temptation is to believe that your people do not exist or maybe, you are not cut out for it or maybe, your stuff is rubbish or any other horrid ideas that light upon your mind.

I read that verse above this morning and to me, it feels like it is reminding us of our oneness…

It is reminding us of the fact that everything is accessible because we are one with everything.

Including the people on the planet.

And let’s be logical about this, there are 7.whatever people on the planet now, is it really possible that you are the ONLY ONE that likes the things you like?

Or is it more likely that there are all kinds of people on the planet with all kinds of likes and dislikes and some of those people will be EXACTLY right for you and your business?

I am optimistic so I like the latter option.

Here is a simple exercise for you because the chances are that you are going about finding your clients, customers, recruits just by working harder, rather than also energetically calling them in!

Instead, close your eyes for a moment, reconnect with Source if you have somehow dropped into being all on your lonesome.

Picture yourself with your ideal clients

Describe them  – you can open your eyes and write it down

Really get a very clear feel for who they are and how it feels to work with them or to see the sales coming into your business.

And then ask that your social media posts, your ads, whatever you do be placed in the path of those you are called to serve and do life with.

We are all one.

Your people are already one with you.

Picture them seeing your ads and posts and getting excited as they whip out their cards and buy, buy, buy.

Just stay in that vibe for a little while.

Open your eyes and go about what you would normally do to physically attract more buyers into your business.

Keep doing it every time you feel the fear coming to take you over.

Try it and see.

Much Amazing Love

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