At the moment, I am at the More Leads, More Sales Super conference in London and listening to a dude called Chris Hughes and he is hilarious, even though I am typing this while listening to him – He really is a pleasure to listen to.

And he says this phrase

“Yes or No… At least you know!”

And he used this to demonstrate that no matter how much you want to serve people, you have to balance it with offering some way of exchanging money as well.

Because when it comes down to it… your bills do not get paid just by your deep inner desire to make a difference with your business.

OK, so having only money on the mind when building your business just makes you desperate and still broke but frankly there is a saying in the Bible that goes

“The workman deserves his pay”

So… why on earth would you not ask people to pay for the value you bring to their world?

You have to learn to ask the question…

You have to put yourself out there even when it feels uncomfortable…

And you have to be of the mindset “Some will, Some won’t, So What, Who’s NEXT!”

And keep doing what you do in the best way that you can with people who appreciate the value you offer.

And so on that note, today is the last day of the Friday 13th sale of the Wealthy Entrepreneur Alliance where you get to learn all about building your lmailing list this month of March for $23.50 and also you get to choose one of my Woohoo-ey programs for free AND you get a business planning session for absolutely FREE as well but you only get this when you pop over to today before Midnight Eastern Time.

I look forward to seeing you in group.

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