5 Things To Consider when You Write Great Emails For Your Email Marketing Campaign

By August 5, 2015May 5th, 2020Self Development

Write better emails, email marketingDo you get people unsubscribing in scarily huge numbers every time you send an email?

And maybe, you are getting a little nervous that you will soon lose them all as you seem to be losing more each day than gaining. Well, here is some support for you – five tips to write better emails for your email marketing campaign.

1. Ask For Feedback

If you find that unsubscribes and low open rates are becoming a huge problem in your business, it could be that you are not getting feedback on your efforts. Do be wise about this though, the idea is not to be at the whim of every freeloader out there but to get genuine feedback on things that you could do better to keep your people engaged. Every so often, ask your audience questions about how you can support them better and what they want to see from you.Then take action on what they say. Mention the results in subsequent emails so that they feel heard and listened to.

You may even find your next information product idea is located in these questions. Your prospects’ feedback could make you a little more profit.

2. Don’t be too predictable

Do not keep sending the same kind of email day in, day out. Vary things a little. Make the email long, then short, then a simple action you would like them to take. If you want to increase the click-through rate to your sales pages and blog content, then keep the email short and ask them to click right through immediately.Keep your customers on their toes as you change things up all the time. They never quite know what to expect form you each time they receive an email and so they get curious about you and your business and are more inclined to open your emails and stay on your list.

3. Segment your list

Each subscriber may be interested in different things. You cannot cater to every whim, however you can choose to separate buyers from regular subscribers. You can even try to segment them based on what they buy as this can give you a strong indication of what they want to hear about in the future.Keeping subscribers engaged can be a case of only delivering content that they want more information on. You can use a freebie to separate the people on your list by strategically asking your subscribers if they are interested in a specific lead magnet and then pointing them in the direction of a landing page where they sign up to the new list and you manually or automatically take them off the original one. You now get a purer list and it is easier to market to people who are all on the same page.

4. Be Thankful

And tell them about it. Each person has chosen to be in your world so every so often, gift them with something just because you care and because you can. We spend a lot of time trying to get new people in and we forget the old people. Share your new lead magnets with your old people. Just tell them that you are thankful that you choose to open your emails and read them.

5. Tie your emails to events

Is something major happening that could affect or already be affecting your prospect base? Then talk about it. Give your thoughts on the event or situation and let them see your human side while you acknowledge that they may be affected. Of course, it may be a cause for celebration then write an email celebrating the event. Again, this keeps people on their toes as they are not completely sure what you may say or do.

Use your imagination when writing emails.  Do not be like every other boring marketer out there – Show who you are and make your subscribers your friends.

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