Wouldn’t you like to know where to sow your seeds?

Sow your SeedsEvery year, every day, every minute, you make a choice to sow your seeds.  Where is your seed going?  What does your seed mean?  Read on to find out.  I must remind you that each person has the ability to switch things up.  You are not stuck.  Always remember that!

Let’s set the scene with a story…  If you move in certain circles, you will probably know it.

Sow Your Seeds – A story

It starts with Spring being in the air.  The icy weather has moved on and the ground is thawing ready to receive this season’s seed.  The air feels cleaner and you can feel the energy as people begin smiling just a little bit more as the sun shines freely with no cloud in sight.  It is a glorious day and the farmer wakes with a smile on his face.

It is the day to sow his seed!

He takes a moment to daydream about the harvest.  Will he have a bumper crop this year or a let down?  Well, he will never find out by staying here so up he jumps, ready to face the day.

He performs all his morning ablutions and walks to his barn, looking over his fields as he goes.  The seed is stored in barrels ready to be planted.  He puts his hands in the barrel and feels the smooth seed husks.  A pulse of excitement rushes through him as he considers the fruit that will result from his seeds.  He and his workers get ready to go out and sow the seeds.

All day long they cover the fields with seeds in well targeted spots.  At times the seeds go astray into the neighbouring paths and land.  The majority of the seeds do get planted in the right place and joy is the emotion of choice when the sowing is completed.

Now it is time to wait…

As the days and months go by, the seeds start to grow roots, they shoot out of the ground and finally harvest day comes around.  The farmer has lovingly taken stock of his plants and in the time leading to the harvest, he noticed a few things.

  • Some of his seeds had fallen by the wayside and been eaten up by birds.  There were some days when the swarm of birds had worried him sufficiently for him to run out of his home and chase them off.
  • Some of the seed had been planted in places where there was not much soil in the earth so the seeds had sprouted so quickly and had withered and died with a lack of nourishment from very shallow roots
  • Some of the seeds had sprouted at the right time but in a portion of his field that was full of thorns and debris.  So the plants had not stood a chance against it
  • Finally, a whole lot of his plants had sprouted in the right soil, in the right place, at the right time and had gone on to produce varying amounts of fruit.

It was a good harvest this year and the farmer was certain his family would be fed well.

So how does this apply to you?

I decided to split this into a series of posts so the next post describing where to sow your seeds will come on Monday.

In the meantime, tell me your thoughts, what could it mean for you?  Please do leave your comments below …  Remember, that there is an eBook available to you which will enable you to start making money from the comfort of your computer.  Just put your name and email address in the purple box on the top right side of the site.

I look forward to helping you succeed.

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