Would you like to dream your way to wealth and riches? Lean in…

Would you like to dream your way to wealth and riches

So, tell me, what made you think you can dream your way to success?


Oh yes, I know it was those ‘name it and claim it’ folk, wasn’t it?


Or maybe it is the ‘law of attraction’ folk?


Or maybe it is the ‘make ten thousand dollars in 2 seconds flat by following this highly classified system’ folk?


Somehow, someone has convinced you that if you just wish enough, or imagine enough, or dream enough, then you will get everything you want with no effort from you…










You know that is rubbish, right?


I know you doubt it deep down inside, don’t you?


So even if it were true, your doubts will stop you wishing hard enough and consistently enough because you really do not actually believe it will work!


So you are doomed anyway!


Lots of people, myself included, have been looking for the secret sauce, that magic pill or enchanted button that will give us all the success we want with absolutely no effort whatsoever from us and yep, I am still waiting!


I assure you I dreamt and dreamt and DREAMT…


I journal-ed and journal-ed and journal-ed…


For a VERY LONG time and finally, I had to wake up to the fact that if anything was actually going to manifest, it would take a considerable amount of ACTION from me as well.


And so, I got to work and finally, after my fair share of struggle (which still continues), I started to create success…


Ok, let me clarify… I do believe that some dreaming, wishing, imagining is required because if you cannot see it in your head, you are pretty unlikely to create it in the physical world.


You do have to dream it to create it, for sure.


You do have to allow your brain to travel to the wacky places that others fear to tread, otherwise how will you even know what direction to start moving in.


Without a certain amount of irrational dreaming, you will just stay on the normal, boring treadmill that everyone else is on.


It takes a visionary to create something amazing, you know!


But, and this is a BIG BUT, if you just stay there thinking that somehow it will all fall in your lap with no physical effort from you… then again, let me reiterate that you are absolutely deceiving yourself.


There is a law of life that you can never ever get away from and it is this…


You cannot create something different while continually doing exactly the same as you have always done.


New results need new actions.


You are not going to be suddenly transported to a new place of wealth and prosperity if you persist in doing the same old, same old…


Yes, there is a struggle and you have to fight the fight! There is just no way around it and you kind of know that, which is why you keep hoping and praying and dreaming that this cup will be taken away from you…


But it won’t.


I am sorry to say, IT WILL NOT!


You have to pay the price, honey.


You just have to!


And let me tell you something else, the struggle is an internal one.


It is mostly just you fighting against the old ‘you’ that is just so comfortable in its current place so it keeps stopping you from stepping into the hoped-for, dreamt- about new place.


And it is pretty insidious because you are doing okay – everyone tells you but you are not doing all you can be doing and that is what is killing you inside.


So, on the one hand, you think you have fought the fight already to get here so surely, you have done your fair bit of the struggle but you and I know, that you are not ‘THERE’ yet…


You might be okay ‘HERE’ and to most people, it might seem pretty darned OKAY but for you… HERE is just not ‘THERE’!!! and the more you dream about it, the more you realize that what I say is true.


So you have two choices really…


Keep on dreaming and doing nothing and finally, convince yourself to settle down and be ‘content’ – what you really mean is ‘I am too scared and fed up to keep on going’




Keep on dreaming – yes this first part is the same – but start taking immense action in the direction of your dreams and just refuse to say die until they come to pass.


Because you can make them come to pass, you know…


Nothing can get in the way of a driven individual ready to lay claim to their dream, you know.


YOU may make mistakes at times, you may even seemingly fail at times but if you will get your bum up and keep moving forward, taking massive action every step of the way, then nothing on earth, heaven or hell will get in the way of you.


Enough of dreaming alone – Tack on immense action and see what happens.


And before you go, if you do choose the second choice because you are a driven individual ready to add immense action to dreaming, then come work with me in the DM fast track group and let me support you in making some massive stuff happen and in making a difference and a fortune starting now. Find out more – RosemaryNonnyKnight.com/DM

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