Stop with the boxing up and separation of your life…

Some moments, you are spiritual

Other moments, you are practical

And never the two shall meet

Don’t you see you limit yourself so much when you try to appease the people around you, instead of LEAD the people around you?

Because be honest, wanting to be liked and respected is the only reason why you hide your spirituality when you are in the business world…

And you hide your business acumen when you are with the spiritual peeps.

This kind of living cannot ever prosper




Dare to be own all your divinity and your humanity


You will find it easier to deliberately design the free, fulfilled, financially abundant and love-drenched life you desire.

Would it not feel so cool to be ONE person, rather than having to put on a different face with each person you meet?

You are called and you deeply desire to change lives and make a difference while living to your true design

And you also deeply desire to be financially abundant while doing this

So, go all in

Stop hiding parts of you

The world needs all of you

You are bringer of the new

When you operate from your true self

If you are ready to stop hiding, come into the ABUNDANCE LIBRARY and the Deliberate Life Community

Find out more at

Much Amazing Love

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