✅ What if you woke up each morning to an extra $50, $100, $1k, $3k, $5k in your bank account or paypal balance each and every day? How awesome would that feel especially if you are doing what you love?  

✅ Imagine being around your kids, watching them grow up without all the worry about money...

✅ Imagine making a difference to the people you feel called to support, and giving money to the charities you feel an affinity with...  

✅ See yourself travelling, seeing more of the world and KNOWING that money is coming in, day in, day out...

✅ Feel yourself having lots of time to spend in meditation or spiritual study to increase your connection to Your Higher Power...  

✅And imagine creating this lifestyle without it taking all day, everyday...  

✅ Imagine paying off all debts easily with the profits from your business

🚫Imagine life WITHOUT the feeling of overwhelm and uncertainty...  

🚫And without the fear and self-doubt that slows down your every move...

This Is The Life Of A 'Connected To Source', Fulfilled & Profitable Spiritual Entrepreneur And It Can Be Your Life Too.

It is time to stop wallowing in the struggle, to stop being caught up in overwhelm, to get crystal clear clarity, unstoppable confidence and a STEP-BY-STEP plan with clear guidance on how to promote your products, services, books, music and/or ministry online now!



Audio, written and/or video trainings delivered to your inbox 5 days on, 2 days off for 4 weeks  

During this bootcamp, you will…  

1. ✅ Quickly pick a product/service/whatever to offer your people based on what interests you

2. ✅ Easily define your ideal customer, client, recruit - The one most likely to resonate with you and what you have on offer

3. ✅ Learn the simplest ways to call them in so that every day you are building your audience right from the get go

4. ✅ Discover the easiest business models to use to generate profits fast

5. ✅ Understand your spirit-driven advantage and how to use it to boost your income fast

6. ✅ Distil out a simple sales and marketing plan that you can easily follow step by step to get the profits you desire from your business

7. ✅ Discover how to generate recurring income - Work once and earn forever

8. ✅ Discover how to use videos and livestreams to generate more sales

9. ✅ Learn how to use social media to accelerate the growth of your business

10. ✅ Discover how to use your written words to influence and persuade authentically

11. ✅ Build a strong success-focused mindset that allows you to weather the highs and lows of starting and growing an online business

12. ✅ Be fully supported in the OPULENCE CIRCLE by Rosemary Nonny Knight, her team and other members of the Circle for a bonus 60 days

13. ✅ Learn how to move quickly in business as a result of using your intuition effectively to get the best answers to your most pressing questions

14. ✅ Discover the power of email marketing and learn how to generate leads fast

15. ✅ Learn the simple step by step process of creating cost effective Facebook adverts using just $5-$10 a day

16. ✅ Discover the power of Facebook groups and how to use them effectively to garner an audience quickly

17. ✅ Grow an instagram audience of ideal clients very very quickly

18. ✅ Start making money from wherever you are starting, without a website, without complicated technical stuff and very cost-effectively

19. ✅ Have a lot of fun stepping into the persona of highly-profitable spiritual entrepreneur  

And so much more will be covered over this month  

It will be intense  

You will need about 30-60 minutes a day  


✅ GOLD Level

Get all the content delivered starting Monday 16th September and a bonus 60 days in the Deliberate Millionaire Mastermind AND 4 live group coaching calls held weekly on Mondays From 16th September 12 Noon UK / 7am Eastern Time - Get all your questions answered. Get personalised guidance. Your blind spots noticed and handled. Your business looked over during the call, if you request it.


Get all the above PLUS a ONE OFF in-depth 3 hour marketing, sales & clarity Deep coaching 1-2-1 session and 3 x 45 minute 1-2-1 private sessions held weekly at a time that suits us both PLUS unlimited email, private message and whatsapp access to me for 28 days from the first 3 hour session.


You and I know that you already work pretty hard.

You are not one to shy away from doing whatever it takes.

But the big vision you have for your business is going to take a lot more than just working hard.

You need to master the mindset of a successful spiritual entrepreneur.


Work Less, Make More will support you with the practical marketing and sales strategies to attract new customers, clients, recruits that will enable you to grow your business and ensure you are not missing anything AND it will also give you the self-mastery techniques you require, in order to reach your business, income and impact goals.

For us spiritual types, we know we are Divine beings with access to power beyond our physical forms, this program will also teach you to go beyond just the practical strategies to aligning with the entire universe so that you are fully backed up to create the business and life you desire.

By the end of this 28 day bootcamp, you will KNOW how to increase your income online doing ONLY what you love to do.


I am pretty excited for you, if I do say so myself.  

This will literally change the game for you.  

I am giving away everything I have learnt from investing about $100k in my own training, from working with private clients and seeing them flourish, from years of building my own online business to more than replace my full time pharmacist income, from my connection to Source and the out-of-this-world wisdom gleaned from there.  

I firmly believe that the spirit-driven are called to lead  

And we cannot do that without having time and money freedom  

I feel called to support spirit-driven entrepreneurial souls and this latest offering is just what you need to flourish fast. It does not matter where you are starting from, if you are not where you want to be in business then this is for you.

All you need to do to take part is click the button below and either use PayPal or the alternative to make your investment. You can get started from $55.55

This bootcamp covers EVERYTHING you need to work smart, increase your profits, expand your influence and impact without the confusion, overwhelm and uncertainty. What are you waiting for?! YOU GET DAY 1 MONDAY 16th SEPTEMBER - Let's Go!

Build Your Highly Profitable Online Business Now, Using this 'No- Brainer' Offer



🔴 Turn Your eCommerce Store Into A Money Making Machine - The Step By Step Plan For eCommerce entrepreneurs, whether in your own store or using Amazon FBA (Worth $47)

🔴 The 'Daily Musts' Spreadsheet - No more uncertainty about what to do each day - This spreadsheet will make it all clear, SUPER CLEAR and all you do is tick things off as you do them.  

🔴 The 'Blog Topics Cheatsheet' - No more uncertainty about what to write - Look at the cheatsheet and pick a quick topic (Worth $47)

🔴 DISCERNING YOUR PURPOSE & TRUE DESIGN: Lots of people feel unsure about what they are here on this planet to do. Let me help you make it super clear. This audio immersion training will support you in realising that the answer you look for is closer than you think

🔴How To Get People To Attend Your Events - The Blueprint for Events That sell out every time! (Worth $47) - Would you like to get people into a room. This bonus training will help you do exactly that. 

🔴How To Focus & Eliminate Distractions so you do the work you need to do to get the results you want, in the shortest possible time! It is not that the work is hard, it is that you get distracted! Sometimes by internal things and sometimes by external things. This audio will help you SEE what is getting in your way and ELIMINATE IT in double quick time so that you are flying forward, getting results left, right and centre in less time than yu thought possible

🔴 The 'Network Marketing Professionals' Step- By Step Blueprint 

How To Get More Qualified Prospects & Sell More Stuff On Social Media Audio Training, Without Picking Up The phone until they are absolutely qualified! (Worth $47)

This is a super easy way to get started in business. When you do not have your own product, sell someone else's and build up recurring income too!

🔴 The Highly Successful Affiliate Marketer's Blueprint - Don't have your own product? NO WORRIES! Here is the step by step blueprint to still add $1k, $3k, $5k to your bottomline by selling other people's products (Worth $47)

Another way to ensure you always have something to sell and I teach you where to go find these products that you can be an affiliate for.


Rosemary Nonny Knight

Hi, I am Rosemary Nonny Knight, author of over 10 books, Creator of over 100 training programs, Spiritual teacher and Prosperity Minister To The Spirit-Driven who want to change lives, make a difference and a fortune. NOW! Not later!  

And I am starting a revolution with 334k leaders who want the freedom to make a difference and make a lot of money impacting the world for good through their business!

And that is why I invite you to this offer... I know a lot of people hold back from working with coaches because it can be incredibly expensive, especially when you are just getting started. The problem is when you do not get support and you rely on getting everything for free in all kinds of random places, everything takes longer and you make it sooo hard on yourself as you try to figure it all out alone.

I no longer want to see that happen!  

You have uncommon goals and the world needs leaders like you to wake up and start to make the difference you are born to make and I will no longer allow all those high priced coaches stand in the way of you reaching your divine destiny!  

Yes, I have paid them and I have got great results as a result but I recognise that this is not something everyone can do! It is just not accessible!  

But trying to build a business alone is just not that great either!  

Again, I am committed to supporting 334k spirit-driven leaders from across the globe to start making money in their own purpose-driven business FAST because the world needs us to rise up!

You just have to have some skin in the game!  

I used to be a pharmacist manager, running retail stores, serving my patients, Earning £50k a year ($80k)...  

I owned a house, two cars, had a cleaner and by all accounts I had it made. I was far away from my 'third world country' roots and I was supposedly doing well...  

Apart from this feeling inside of me that there was more to me than this and that there was more to life than just working myself to death for a good, but capped, income when I KNEW I was called to MORE!  

I knew I was called to be a change agent and so I did my little thing here and there at church, at the weekends and on any evening I could spare. I had people living with me as I tried to support them but I knew that I was still not fulfilling my full potential.  

I dabbled at business, knowing that I needed to do it but I got quite nervous about making the transition from career to professional so I would always quit when faced with any obstacle...  

And finally it took me going bankrupt and getting depressed for the 4 years following this devastating (to me, at least) event...  

I then woke up to the realisation that if I wanted something to be different then I had to get pretty darned deliberate about making it happen. It was not going to drop on my lap - I had to take responsibility!  

At this point, I had 3 princesses and did not want to return to my 60-80 hour a week career so I started a property business, shelled out £10k (that I did not have) to work with a mentor and coach, learnt everything there was to know and within 18 months, I finally built up a business that replaced my full time pharmacist income, won myself a Porsche Boxster for being business woman of the year and I got free of my career! IT WAS THE HARDEST THING EVER and yet, the most fulfilling!  

AND SO AWESOME to be able to write off a letter of resignation to the pharmacy board!  

I then went on to work with more coaches, mentors, picked up everything they knew, built successful online businesses using a few different tactics and had people asking me how to do their own thing too.  

I worked with a coach who asked me what I really wanted to do and finally, I agreed to coach a few clients and I knew I had finally found my purpose!  

It all seems so simple but the truth is, I worked my butt off, cried many tears, I paid out about $100k to coaches and mentors and there were times when I wondered if I would ever make it...  

But I did...  

And now, all that knowledge, all that information, all that transformation is being offered to you because I am living out my purpose and you are a big part of it!  

Work With Me For 4 weeks in WORK LESS, MAKE MORE - Get all the training, the bonuses, & BONUS Access to me live in the OPULENCE CIRCLE for 3 months to ask any questions and keep implementing and making sales

And you will go from making no (or little) money in business to making sales every single day, getting all the customers, clients, recruits, you want online and growing your own highly profitable online business! (I have had peeps go to $5k in this time but everyone is different and I do not want to make promises that are dependent on how much you apply and use the information and support offered but please understand what is possible if you go all the way in)

This bootcamp covers EVERYTHING you need to work smart, increase your profits, expand your influence and impact without the confusion, overwhelm and uncertainty. What are you waiting for?! YOU GET DAY 1 IMMEDIATELY - Let's Go!

Build Your Highly Profitable Online Business Now, Using this 'No- Brainer' Offer