Working on the business, not in it – 3 Useful Tips

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Work On the business

A lot of the clients I work with are usually NOT working ON the business when we begin our work to explode their income.  They want to grow but they are uncertain about how to remove the shackles that tie them to the inner working of their business.

At this point, they think that this is the only way business can be done and they are watching their life fall apart as the business eats up every waking moment.

Maybe they even enjoy the rush and frantic nature of start up business but the thing is, they now begin to realize that their business will not grow unless they learn to let go of the idea that they can do it all themselves.

Too many businesses go through periods of feast then famine as they keep trying and trying and mostly failing to be all things to all people in their business. They miss calls when they are on jobs, they are too tired to call people back at the end of a full on day.

Peeps, this is not why you went into business!


Surely, the idea was freedom and wealth and time to enjoy things!


Here are a few tips to get out of working in the business and transition to working on the business.


  1. Stop over parenting your business.We have all heard of helicopter parents who do not want to let their offspring out of their sight and so they grow into spoilt little brats who expect everything to be done for them forever!Well the same can happen to your business. First and foremost, you need to get clear on what part you want your business to play in your life and put in a plan to get there.

  2. Put together operations manuals for all that the business doesThe idea here is to start right now to write out clearly what your business does and how it does it.This way you have created something for the new people to follow. It also helps you get very clear on all the different parts of your business and how you can replicate them.It does not have to be complicated to start. Just start where you are and list completely all the activities that need to be done in your business then add to it as things come to mind. Set aside time to complete this task. It is an ever- evolving process. I remember working in pharmacies where the Standard operating procedures changed all the time. And that is fine. It needs to very clearly show exactly what needs to be done in your business so anyone, and I do mean any one can follow it!

  3. Start delegating now.Yes, I know you want to wait until there is loads of money in the business before you get someone or some people in to help. Well, sorry, you cannot wait, you need to do it now. Peel off the band aid!Put together an organizational structure for the business you envisage and start filling the positions, slowly, steadily, surely.It is surprising the progress you can make in your business when you are not trying to do it all alone. I remember getting a property manager for my property management business and how that really allowed me to go out and do what I am good at which is locating properties and negotiating with agents/owners.

    This enabled me to grow my business without killing myself. You will find that it works for you too.

Listen, just start today!  Don’t keep dithering about it.  If you want to move your business up a level, then you need to do things a little differently than you have done to date.

Make most of your work time, a time of working on the business, doing the stuff that you enjoy instead of doing the drudgery that others will probably do much better than you can.

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