You are different.

You have always been different.

You want more than the average person.

You want it all.

And you have realised that you are one of a kind in your circle of friends and family.

You actually believe that you can have it all, and they really don’t…

So when you start to talk your big dreams, you feel proud and greedy and selfish and so you have learnt to tone yourself down.

The thing is, you have been working very very hard for a while now and yes, you have created some stuff…

You have proved yourself to those around you but… and this is a big but, YOU KNOW THERE IS MORE for you…

And though you are grateful for all that you have done to date, THERE IS MORE!

You want everything, not just some of the things and yes, we come against that wondering again, if you are too greedy and whether you should just settle for what you have.  After all, it is not all that bad, is it?

And being the spiritual person that you are, you do also wonder if the Divine wants you to want so much…

OK, let’s be very clear about this, the Divine withholds nothing from you.  It is human conditioning that makes you feel as though you should settle and you no longer need to listen to that.  You need to take the filter off.

ADMIT FULLY to yourself what you want.

And then, instead of just working harder and harder, remember who you truly are

A divine being having a human experience

Your imagination, words, thoughts, feelings are super powers…

You need to add them to the mix.

That’s what I mean when I say work your mind as well as your behind.

As you include your divine energy with your physical energy, you will accelerate and that is what you want, right?

OK, so picture yourself as THAT PERSON already

Forget what the world around you thinks

And take action as though it is a done deal.

You can get everything you want.

And I do mean everything!

Just use your mind and your behind.


Let’s talk, one on one, in the PERSONAL 100K BLUEPRINT Consultation, if you are DETERMINED to live in your true design and create a 6 figure (or more) income while doing so – CLICK HERE

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– Get crystal clear clarity on your ultimate 6 figure income vision, your life’s purpose, and the ‘perfect lifestyle’ you want your income to provide


– Uncover the hidden challenges that may be causing you to procrastinate, second-guess and that are stopping you from creating the 6 figure (or more) income you desire to support the life you want to live


You will leave this session…


🔴 Feeling clear on how to make your transition to creating a career/business that generates at least 6 figures by this time next year



🔴 Feeling empowered and inspired to finally have the meaning, purpose & money freedom you desire



🔴 Knowing exactly how I can support you to bring your vision to life more easily and swiftly than you can alone (if we are a fit to work together. I have private and group coaching/mentoring options available for both business owners or career people)



✅ You are an ambitious spiritual person, determined to live in your life’s purpose and make at least 6 figures while doing so.


✅ You have a calling and a deep desire to help people, to make a difference & to influence and change lives for the better


✅ Despite working hard in your job or business, you know you are not living to the fullness of your potential and/or you are not yet making the income that you would like to make




✅ You are ready NOW to invest time, energy and money to create your purpose-aligned 6 figure income.


✅ You want support from a life & business coach to reach 6 figures within 12 months



Much Amazing Love

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