Successful Set Up Online Workshop

Thank you for taking the time to visit this page and thank you for attending the webinar.

This is a quick page put together to gather you who know you are ready to take this to the next level.  Watch this space for even more information as the online workshop date approaches.

In the meantime, You Forward Thinker, here is where you commit to spending a day with me (Virtually) in January 2014.  And while you wait as a special bonus which you cannot obtain anywhere else, you get one FREE HOUR success strategy session with me on a Friday or Saturday in November or December.  Exact dates and times are up to you.

After paying your deposit (£40) for the workshop below, please send me your availability with 3 choices of days and times (Friday or Saturday) Email me –  If you do need an alternative way to pay, also email me.

Remember, there will only be space for 10 people as I want to be able to give you special treatment and as soon as I reach that magic number, the link below will be removed.

This is going to be exciting and I am glad that you are joining me.


Coaching Guarantee