I wish I had Known This 10 Years Ago

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I wish I had known this 10 years ago

You know that everyone is afraid from time to time and some rise to the challenge, whereas others… others just don’t.

Year upon year, they have the same old excuses, the same old reasons for not getting where they want to go and I wonder if they think they are somehow different from other people who have to face things down and do it anyway.

“As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”
-Marianne Williamson

As Marianne so eloquently tells us, in order for us to live out our calling and build a business we actually enjoy, we need to face down our fears, we need to be liberated from them so that we can do all the things we dream of.

And I am offering you the opportunity to deal with yours – I can only do this because I too have had to face down mine in order to be on this journey. This journey that results in a 6 figure business.

It took guts to get myself out of my pharmacy role, I still remember sending in the letter not that long ago telling the board that I no longer wanted to be registered. That was an act of faith.

And it scared the living daylights out of me.

And yet, I did it anyway.

I remember sitting in the car looking at a house I wanted to buy and I was so scared of actually walking into the property for my appointment to negotiate with the vendor – I kept shouting in the car like a crazy woman – “She who dares, wins” until I had gathered the courage to run out of my car and run to the front door of the house without giving myself time to overthink it!

Walking up and down the paths, delivering leaflets with people calling me back to come take them away as I was just a rotten investor trying to take advantage of poor people (Yes, it happened to me with my pushchair and kids!)

Walking into estate agents, feeling like a fraud and wanting to run away and hide but doing it anyway.

Sending out these emails to you each day, hoping that at least one person will learn something and implement it and change their life & business.

Spending money on advertising at the beginning of my business journey – I had been bankrupt once, supposing it all did not work!

Spending the tens of thousands on one of my current coaches.

Each of these things scare me but I refuse to live a small life.

I just refuse to do it so I will not let fear stop me from getting where I am going.

I know a lot of people are completely unaware of their fears, they just don’t do the stuff they want to do and tell themselves they are being practical.

What nonsense!

Behind all the reasons that seem so practical and noble for why you are not living your full life, fear is usually a big part of it.

What if I can’t make the mortgage payment?
What if I am not up to it?
What if I work my bum off and still get no results?
What if I am buying into a pyramid scheme?
What if I try a business and no one buys?
What if I move job and no one likes me?
What if I cannot get anyone to join my team?
What if no one likes what I write?
What if, What if, WHAT IF?

How long will you let your ‘What ifs’ rule the show…

It is up to you!

You do not get the big dreams without facing down the big fears!

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I used to be the most fearful person around and I continually face it down each day and keep creating more and more success, Let that be your story too.

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