“So be very careful how you live, not being like those with no understanding, but live honourably with true wisdom, for we are living in evil times. Take full advantage of every day as you spend your life for his purposes.”

From The Bible

We are those who have access to wisdom…

We are those who have something to say…

We are those who have overcome a lot and remain standing…

We are those who feel called to change lives and make a difference…

The throbbing of our heart is towards the people we are called to serve…

And we will not be satisfied until we are fully expressed…

The Divine seeks expression through us

It is a compulsion

I have answered the call

I can assure you that there is no inner satisfaction until you answer the call

The verse above speaks of evil times…

Evil, to me, is simply people living out of alignment to their true design

Look around and that is what you see in the world we call our home

People out of alignment with their true divine nature, trying desperately to survive in what they consider to be a hostile universe

And we, as messengers of light, are called to be beacons showing the way back home…


Are you deliberately seeing and using every opportunity to be the leader you know you are called and born to be?

Are you deliberately figuring out a way to make a magnificent income that supports the calling on your heart?

Or are you UNWISELY telling yourself some story about how it is impossible?

My clients and I make money doing our true design work in the world

Where are you, my love?

The world needs us now more than ever

These are trying times for those who have forgotten who they are

And let’s be honest, you desperately want to feel free, fulfilled and financially abundant while being love on the planet

You want it badly

And you can have it

You were not implanted with a vision to then be left destitute

Stop believing you have to be spiritual OR rich

Choose to be BOTH and stop allowing money to determine your path.

DECIDE to be a magnificently wealthy Messenger of light


I made that choice

It was not always easy

But I leaned into Papa and I got mentors, coaches to help me

And I found my path

I have been the mentor and coach for others and helped them find their path


Start your 30 day immersion in the DELIBERATE MILLIONAIRE PATH TO PEACE & PLENTY beginning in the ABUNDANCE LIBRARY.

Leave behind the pain and limiting beliefs of the past.

Rise victorious in your TRUE DESIGN life of freedom, fulfilment, financial abundance and unconditional love.

It is time to take back control over your money, your relationships and your mind.

It is time to begin empowering the people you feel called to serve.

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Much Amazing Love

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