I Will See The Situation Differently! Two ways to combat the darkness

See things differently

Some days, in the fight for the magnificent life you desire, it feels easier to lie down and roll over. I have days like that…

  • Days when friends publicly ridicule you because they do not understand your journey…

  • Days when your kids are disobedient and refuse to do what you ask…

  • Days when your partner does not get you and makes you feel horrid because you want what you know will make all of your lives better…

  • Days when strangers feel the need to talk nonsense about you…

  • Days when you just cannot shake the feeling that life will never be exactly the way you want it and the struggle is all there is…

  • Days when you want to quit but you know you can’t because you will just feel disappointed with yourself and dissatisfied with your life so you feel caught in a catch 22.

Yes, I have days like this and it can be tough to keep moving forward despite them.

And yet, we must!

If we want to live a life of purpose, of impact, of wealth then we must find a way to keep moving forward even on the crazy dark days…

 Two ways to combat the darkness

One way that may help though I understand if you are in the midst of your darkness, it can feel tough to raise your head.

  • One way is to choose to be open to another way of looking at things.The truth is, the way we choose to perceive things is the actual problem – It is not the event or circumstance itself.  It is our perception of it that causes us our troubles.The external event cannot be changed but what can be changed is the way we choose to perceive it.

    Our feelings are based on our thoughts about a problem, not the problem itself so by choosing to open ourselves up to another point of view, we may find a more empowering way of thinking about what we consider, in that moment, to be a problem.

    Depending on how dark I feel on a particular day, I usually need my coach or someone external to help me see another viewpoint.

  • Another way to change the way we perceive an issue is to choose instead to think of things we are grateful for…The act of actively finding things to be grateful for, no matter how small, causes us to expand inside and change our reaction to events outside of us.If we can be grateful for that child being willful (after all, we do not want our child’s spirit to be broken), we may find a new way of interacting with the child.

    If we can be grateful for being alive to see another day, we can choose to realize that nothing we are facing right now, is permanent – We can change it.

These are habits that we can develop.

No, it will not be easy at the start. However, we are on a battlefield and the only way the darkness wins is if we lie down and refuse to fight to let the light in.


Deliberately design the magnificent life you desire – It will not come without deliberate effort on your part.

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