There you sit, waiting, waiting, WAITING for some kind of certainty…

WAiting to know exactly what you need to do and when you need to do it and when EXACTLY it will work in the way that you want it too and you will not move until you KNOW, DAMMIT!!!

Well, honey, you will be sitting there a very long time while all those people you give advice to, all those people you thought were not as intelligent or gifted as you, all those people who looked up to you as wise…

Will pass you on by while you sit on your awesome arse waiting for certainty.

There is no certainty in the ‘MAke a difference’ business!

There is no certainty in  the ‘Deliberately design your dream life’ business

There is no certainty in the ‘Follow my calling’ business

There is just you trusting that the purpose you feel in your heart is yours to create…

There is just you tapping into the intuitive flow and acting on whatever bubbles up…

There is just you reaching out for support so that you don’t get all bamboozled by your internal blind spots…

There is just you making a commitment to LIVE A LIFE THAT MATTERS!

Yes, I know every life matters but you do want more than just being everyone, right?!

Be honest about it!

be honest about what you want and for fuck’s sake, COMMIT!

I see you with all your strengths, gifts, wisdom, talents and you are sitting on them – FUCKING SITTING ON THEM! because you are afraid of really playing full-out.

You have convinced yourself that you can be happy playing the slow, slow, snails pace game and all the while, you are getting wider and wider and wider physically because you are eating yourself to death because it is one way to drown out the KNOWLEDGE that you are not living the life you are meant to live…

Or maybe you just watch so much TV that the soap operas are part of your dreams now…

You wake up contemplating what Harvey Spectre should do next and how they really should hae gone a different way…

Anything but think about the fact that you HATE your life!

Or maybe, you give all your spare time to volunteer at your local church…

You try to pretend you can be happy with just building someone else’s vision for the rest of your life…

You tell yourself that it is enough to serve 10 people who look up to you for guidance instead of the millions you see in your mind’s eye…

And you try to avoid the darkness that is ever trying to take you over.


This is not the way it is supposed to play out!

You hate the weakness you are giving into!

You hate the fact that you KNOW this IS NOT you!

You are the champion!

The warrior!

The one who runs towards the fire and makes things happen!

You are the one with the vision of serving many, many, MANY people and yet, you are here…

Playing small

Convincing yourself that this is enough


My foot is aimed squarely at your awesome arse, right now, poised ready to deliver a mighty huge kick to get you up and moving.

Or you could simply just realise that there is no certainty to be found while siting on your butt!

You will not be sure

You will not definitely know what to do

You may lose money when you get into the fray

You may lose friends and status

You may lose family

And yet, you will gain so much more if you will go through the fire and claim your real life

Will you?

You will have the fame you dream of – I know, I know that you are too spiritual to use that term but you know you need to have some level of fame in order to serve more people.

You will be making the difference you dream of making – I don’t suppose I have to qualify this one for you!

You will figure out a way to monetize it so that you can still take care of your family but first you must commit and allow yourself to receive wealth doing what you want and feel called to do…

You will live a fulfilled existence!

BUT FIRST, you must accept that you have to get up now and get to walking…

This is a FAITH walk, my honey!

You have to believe completely in the call on your life (or at least, COMMIT TO IT even if there is some doubt)

And you have to act from that belief even when it is not physically evident that you are anything but deluded!

Will you do it?

Or will you go the way of the masses, and just live a small life?

Please remember.

  1. Your vision is your permission.
  2. You are capable of your calling.
  3. You are much more powerful than you realise.
  4. Yes you can get everything you want.
  5. You are loved. You are enough. You are worthy. You deserve the very best of everything.


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