A few days ago, I was at a Christian Woman’s Conference.  I was the keynote speaker there and as I love to talk, it went incredibly well and I adored every minute of it. I got to speak with amazing people as well to help them come up with ideas for moving forward.  It was great.

However, the thing that I also recognised was tribal thinking…

Tribal thinking that got people trapped in thinking that things were a certain way because their circle of friends all thought the same way and so they assumed that this must be the only way to think!

And you do it too!

I do it too but thank God, I pick up on my own storytelling pretty darned fast and change it!

In this case, there were two main tribal thoughts that reigned…

  • I struggle because I am black
  • I have to be practical, do practical things and the idea of following my passion is not really possible

Bearing in mind that this was a Christian Conference with people who then went on to sing a song with gusto that said

“Way maker, Miracle Worker, Promise Keeper, Light in the darkness – My God, That is who you are”

But when it came to everyday life, some really did not believe any of it.

They believed in their trials and tribulations more than they believed in Source.

And I have lived that way too!  Singing the songs, pretending to believe but actually thinking that I am alone and that lack and scarcity were all I was ever going to get!  I used to believe the story of being female in a male-dominated world and so I could not get what I wanted…

I have never believed the ‘I am black and so therefore I struggle’ story but many around me have thought that I am naive for not seeing it and yet, how the heck does it serve you to believe that story?!

There you are, going through the VERY REAL challenge of being an entrepreneur and you tell yourself some stupid story that it is because you are black that you struggle which then means you are helpless because there ain’t nothing you can do about being black.

And then you talk to your friends, all black with a chip on their shoulder as well and you all tell yourself that it is real – The blacks cannot prosper in this country and so the story keeps going and you and your friends keep struggling because you are no longer listening into Spirit giving you new ideas because well, you are black and you cannot prosper against the whites…

You trap yourself in a prison of your own making and you don’t even see it!

Even if you don’t believe in Spirit leading and guiding you to success, if you are black and you still buy into this CRAZY thinking, you are shooting yourself in the foot!

There is Obama, becoming the president despite being black…

There is Oprah making millions despite being black…

There are innumerable black millionaires but instead of seeing this, you listen to your poor friends telling you their sad story about being stopped because they are black and you keep buying into the nonsense.

You watch the sad silly movies about people having to pay the Black tax…

And you feel all sorry for the mistake God made when He gave you a vision that you could never fulfil because well, you are black and ain’t nothing gonna change that!


But hey, You have made your bed, you get to lie in it!

And as much as I am talking mostly about colour here, what story are you buying into?

Maybe, it is your story about not having money to invest in your own learning and mentoring and so again, you tell yourself that you have no money and so that blocks off all your creativity because well, you looked at your bank account and you have no money, it is REAL, you are not making it up and so, of course you cannot do anything other than what you are doing now.


Or maybe it is that you have no time.  And so again, you tell yourself that story and you know it is true because you get to the end of every day with so much to do and no time to do it and so, how the heck can you fit in building a passion-fuelled business?! That will just have to wait until you have more time, right?


Or maybe it is that that supermarket came and took all your business away from you because no one wants to buy local anymore!


Keep your silly story then!

Keep your average existence then!

If that is what you want…

“Rosemary, don’t be so harsh! That is not what I want! I want everything you talk about but you don’t understand how hard it is.  My life is this and that and I have these responsibilities and those other ones and to top it up, I am black and no one wants to do business with me and then to add insult to injury, Tesco/Walmart came and built a supermarket next door to me and that cut my business in half!  I have to face facts!!”

OK, honey, that must be true.

You get to keep your sad story, if you like.

Who am I to convince you otherwise?

I think the sad, depressed feeling that you are dying slowly is enough evidence that you are believing a lie…

But hey, if it makes you more comfortable to believe your story…

You carry right on!

I will be over here, making and impacting millions while you keep buying into your sad story!

And for you that are done with sad story – KNOW THIS!

The only thing that separates you from everything you want in life and business IS THE WORK!  I can come look at your life/business right now and tell you where you are dropping the ball/not doing the work and it will have absolutely nothing to do with your colour, time, money, environment or whatever story you have bought into.

Much Amazing Love

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