There is thumping in my chest…

A deep desire to remember who I am…completely

A deep feeling that I am not living anywhere near my full potential yet

Do you feel it in yours as well?

This feeling that you are born for something more…

And that you have forgotten…

In the hustle and bustle of everyday life…

In the attempts to appease parent, partner, child, boss or friend…

In the rushing here and there

Have you forgotten who you are?

And so the thumping within continues…

Calling out to you with an ancient sound that only you can hear…

And no one around you understands your need to respond..

They look with deadened eyes at your life and think you should be happy…

But you are awakening…

You can see the shallowness of your life

And you long to go deeper…

You long to experience all of you

You desire to connect again with the power within

To be powerful in a world that seeks to make you the same as everyone else

You hear the call…

A deep, compelling cry…

Arresting to your heart…

But there is the normal life calling you too…

And you wonder if you can turn away from that compelling sound externally

So that you can pay attention to the call within…

You think that you have waited too long

You think you have too many pulls on your time and money

You wish you had done it when you were younger…

How can you respond now, you wonder?

But you want to…

There is a longing inside of you

to remember

to return

To rise.

It makes no logical sense but those intuitive nudges keep coming.

There is a knowing that you cannot be happy until you respond…

And you have tried to be happy…

But the hunger and emptiness and low-level depression remain

And it will remain until you respond to the calling within.

Arise, o sleeper…

AWAKEN to the call

And respond.

You are not like everyone else

You cannot ignore it

You must go deep within

And remember.

Your power has been silenced for too long

Your sexuality dampened down

The taming worked

But now, you want freedom



Financial Abundance

And a deep, deep, intimate connection to the Divine

Will you respond?

Be still


You can hear the call

Like a song calling from a faraway place

The journey is within

Will you come?

You have been tamed


You are wild

Will you come?

If yes, then STEP 1 is the ABUNDANCE LIBRARY.

ALL YOU NEED TO DO IS LISTEN to the immersion programs within the library.

Let them begin to work their magic on your mind.

Let them support you in breaking through to a whole new level for you.

Come immerse yourself in the DELIBERATE MILLIONAIRE pathway.

Today is the day you leave the pain of the past behind and rise victorious in your TRUE DESIGN life.

Much Amazing Love

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